Robust Filters and Views

Filter the desired assets and save it as view for easy access.

robust filters and views


Reduces search time, and efficient asset management.

Enrich analysts/end-users experience, reduces search time, and ensures assets are efficiently managed throughout their lifecycle. Optimize asset management processes and improve overall efficiency with the help of advanced filters and views.



Reduce the time & effort required for asset management tasks.


Focus on critical tasks & resolutions with easy identification of assets.


Enhance the reporting with robust filters & views for better insights.


Reduce the risk of security breaches & non-compliance penalties.

Use cases


End users find it challenging to quickly locate their allocated assets and check their status.


  • Implement robust filters and views for asset department and location searches.
  • Create a default view showing the most required asset details.
  • Grant access to end users to this view via the self-service portal.


Asset Managers need better visibility into asset allocations and wish to streamline asset management workflows.


  • Develop robust filters & views for Asset Managers to sort assets based on various attributes.
  • Implement predefined views for common tasks. 
  • Train Asset Managers  to use these filters and views to optimize asset management processes.


Asset managers deal with a diverse range of assets and require in-depth insights and control over asset lifecycle for compliance and efficiency.


  • Implement robust filters & views  for asset managers.
  • Create personalized views to get in-depth insights on assets. 
  • Empower your asset record searches with advanced filters and rich operators for precise customization based on specific criteria.