Automation Scheduler

Effortlessly automate tasks at regular intervals by using automation scheduler.

automation scheduler


Reduce manual errors, Promotes overall consistency

Empower the automatic execution of tasks, processes, or jobs at predetermined intervals or specific times without manual intervention.



Streamline task execution, enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Enables the consistent & reliable execution of tasks, ensuring workflow stability.


Provides flexibility by automating tasks based on changing business needs.


Increases overall productivity by automating routine & time-consuming tasks.

Use cases

Sanctions risk - a new generation of screening capabilities

Scenario: Send Account Expiry Notifications

An organization managing user accounts in a security group aims to notify users about account expirations. They use an automation scheduler to regularly check expiry dates and send notifications. Details are organized in a workflow linked to the scheduler, setting up a routine to run it daily or weekly. When the time comes, the scheduler activates the SA engine, automatically starting the configured workflow.

Scenario: Regular Network Configuration Backup

The organization seeks to boost efficiency and reliability in its network infrastructure by introducing an automated system for capturing configuration backups. This entails using an automation scheduler to regularly start the process of collecting and storing network device configurations. The plan is to run the Automation Scheduler weekly or monthly to perform network configuration backups.

Scenario: Employee Onboarding

When a new employee is added to the HR system, it sets off a request to the automation tool. The Automation Scheduler, with the onboarding workflow, then starts the process following a set plan. The workflow performs tasks like creating an email account, adding the employee to IT systems, and providing access to needed resources. It also asks for hardware setup and sends an email with login details and first-day instructions. This automated onboarding ensures a smooth and error-free integration, making the new employee ready for work with a positive experience.