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Better decisions, focused expertise and clearer outcomes – SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal’ Sensa-NetReveal empowers effective investigation


London – November 18, 2020 – Today, SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal Applied Intelligence announced dynamic enhancements to its Sensa-NetReveal anti-money laundering transaction monitoring, KYC/CDD, watchlist screening and filtering solutions. Designed to optimize accurate risk assessment and response, Sensa-NetReveal combines machines learning, automation and analytics with a 360 degree customer view to provide investigators with a powerful tool to assess and judge customer behaviour and risk in real time.

“For financial services, the much-overused term – the “new normal” does not refer to new, consistent behaviour but rather the absence of the behavioural norms around which much of our financial crime rules and machine learning were based. To address this, financial institutions are tasked with working out how they can make the time and resources available – even more effective,” said Peter Fisher Financial Crimes Product Director, SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal Applied Intelligence. “The latest investments into Sensa-NetReveal are driven by the needs of our extensive customer base and reflect the urgent need for both dynamic tools and straightforward guidance, explanation and user experience.”

Used by more than a third of the global top 100 banks, Sensa-NetReveal has always been designed to adapt to market changes. In today’s even more volatile environment, truly addressing this requires both dynamic tools and clear guidance, explanation and ease of use – helping investigators do their jobs better, without being distracted.

The latest version of Sensa-NetReveal is centred on:

  • Better Decisions – Risk assessed, Real time customer onboarding
  • Everything from real time scoring customers and connected parties at account opening through to real time name screening and ongoing, dynamic scoring
  • CDD Score Grouping and enhanced WLM CDD Workflow Integrations provide further context to live risk scores

Focused Expertise – Reducing false positives by at least 30%

  • From onboarding to watch list management, Sensa-NetReveal’s Intelligent Event Triage uses machine learning (based on previous behaviours) to prioritise higher risk alerts while hibernating lower priority alerts for review and reassessment when appropriate. Manual repetitive assignment is automated and teams can focus on high priorities issues in real-time.

30-40% faster profiling and detection

  • Centralised 360° customer view consolidates related alerts, evidence and financial metrics and presents investigators with a single combined alert related to a customer or entity.

Visualising complex data and explaining predictions

  • Dynamic visualisation of multi-dimensional customer data and Explainable AI functionality in Sensa-NetReveal’s Advanced Analytics Platform (AAP) provides rapid comprehension of complex data and explanations for machine-generated alert predictions

“We see organisations embracing next generation technologies to help elevate their financial crime compliance functions, reduce friction, and amplify operational efficiency. Yet, the long term success of today’s tools in tackling financial crime lies in their ability to more easily and effectively integrate and harness data for deeper insights, sharper detection, smarter investigations, and more actionable intelligence.”
Charles Subrt, Senior Analyst, Fraud & AML, Aite Group

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