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Symphony AyasdiAI Adds Chief Product Officer and Head of Data Science for Europe


New positions and sales team meet surging demand for enterprise AI in financial services

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif. – April 23, 2020 – Symphony AyasdiAI, a portfolio company of SymphonyAI Group, announced the addition of multiple new hires including financial services chief product officer and head of data science for Europe to meet the urgent demand for its enterprise AI products for stimulus fraud, liquidity management, financial crimes, and emergent risk.

“Banks and financial services firms are pressing for modern enterprise AI that’s real, relevant, and can immediately handle the challenges of scale, volume, security, and organizational and technical complexity,” said SymphonyAI CEO Simon Moss. “We’ve met this demand already in our technology and the value it creates in our global deployments. Now, we are fielding a fast-moving team focused on the financial services firms. We have pioneering, best-in-class enterprise solutions engineered to find “unknown unknowns” that will transform markets. Expect to see a lot more of us, making sure everyone knows why we are the best in the world at discovering risk and opportunity in complex organizations.”

The new team includes:

  • Richard Stocks, chief product officer: Based in New York, Richard is the former head of financial crime for North America at Quantexa. He brings a reputation for simplifying and driving large scale transformation across multiple global financial and security services organizations. He is focused on accelerating the extraction of insights from existing data with unprecedented accuracy, speed, and transparency.
  • Pawel Krzysztofik, head of data science, Europe: Pawel is based in London and is the former head of data science for Europe at Infosys Consulting. He is also the former head of AI labs at Infosys. He brings 13 years of leadership in data science roles, including at Citi and Capgemini.
  • Alexis Kane, head of partners and alliances: Alexis, based in New York, is responsible for building the ecosystem partners for distribution, development, and implementation services. She brings several decades of experience in building strong, trusted partnerships at Dell, Pivotal, and Brillio.

In addition to product and data science team leadership, Symphony AyasdiAI is filling out its sales team to meet the burgeoning need for AI in financial services. New team hires include Matt Bolock, Michael Wein, and Ian Godfrey. They collectively bring more than 35 years of experience in financial services, risk intelligence, law enforcement, and enterprise technology.

“We are experiencing a perfect storm for fraud and risk right now and will emerge into a world filled with unknown unknowns,” said Symphony AyasdiAI Chief Product Officer Richard Stocks. “AyasdiAI’s solutions bring immediately groundbreaking impact that transforms the way our customers spot opportunities, threats, and inefficiencies today and moving forward. The unprecedented accuracy, speed, and transparency are what is needed today.”

Symphony AyasdiAI delivers a best-in-class unsupervised machine learning platform to anticipate risk, capture revenue, and optimize operational efficiencies across the financial services market and other sectors. As organizations grapple with challenges from fraud detection and liquidity optimization and new profit discovery, Symphony AyasdiAI extracts insights from existing data with unprecedented accuracy, speed, and transparency to deliver immediate solutions.

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