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2.3.2022 Byline

Repurposing Trade Funds Where They Matter Most

Retail / CPG
2.1.2022 Byline

A Guide to Retail Inventory Management in the New Year

Retail / CPG
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1.31.2022 Byline

Quality-driven customers drive growth in grocery

Retail / CPG
1.14.2022 Byline

AI Can Take on Bias in Lending

1.14.2022 Byline

Four key lessons for overhauling IT management using enterprise AI

Enterprise IT
12.28.2021 Byline

“IT Hero Rises: Recognizing the dedicated and Passionate IT Heroes”

Enterprise IT
11.29.2021 Byline

LSA: Promotions de masse et promotions personnalisées : le tandem gagnant

Retail / CPG
11.10.2021 Byline

Small format, large impact: Why clustering is key to convenience success

Retail / CPG
10.20.2021 Byline

Progressive Grocer: Striking a better balance between value and quality in online grocery

Retail / CPG
8.6.2021 Byline

Retail Touch Points: ‘Race to the bottom’ pricing is a losing run: Why retailers should focus on personalized promotions instead

Retail / CPG
7.23.2021 Byline

Retail Sector: The big retail health check: Why high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) regulation is in fact a golden opportunity

Retail / CPG
6.21.2021 Byline

Digitally Enabled Reliability