Purpose-Built Vertical AI—SymphonyAI’s Unique Strategy for Vertical SaaS Industry Solutions

Accelerating innovation and enterprise value creation

02.26.2024 | Mike Troy

SymphonyAI is powering a new era of accelerated enterprise value creation enabled by predictive and generative AI. We empower businesses in key industries by using advanced AI technologies to solve crucial challenges, discover growth opportunities, and improve strategic execution.

Founded by tech luminary Dr. Romesh Wadhwani in 2017, SymphonyAI swiftly evolved from a start-up to a recognized market leader in enterprise AI SaaS. This market leadership stems from a unique vertical-first philosophy. Armed with deep understanding of customers’ unique challenges, workflows, and use case needs, we build tailored vertical AI SaaS applications solving customers’ most critical challenges in retail, CPG, financial services, industrial, media, and enterprise IT.

Through deep expertise in these domains, SymphonyAI gains an insider’s understanding of the business landscape—its challenges, threats, and opportunities—including how the organization is structured to make decisions, process information, and manage workflows. These insights are crucial as predictive and generative AI reshape business operations and change how people interact with technology to make data-driven decisions. SymphonyAI is the driving force behind this movement.

The Foundation of AI Excellence

SymphonyAI’s engineering teams build world-class predictive and generative AI SaaS solutions on top of the industry-leading Eureka Gen AI platform. As a shared foundation for all our verticals, Eureka Gen AI provides the cutting-edge data, machine learning, and generative AI core needed to build these applications.

The Eureka Gen AI platform is unique because of its vertical extensions. Eureka’s capabilities extend to SymphonyAI’s verticals—retail, financial services, industrial, media, and enterprise IT—which then incorporate vertical-specific knowledge graphs, large language models (LLMS), models, and skills trained on vertical-specific data. This model allows for meticulously crafted use-case-specific applications and copilots that provide valuable insights, recommendations, and what-if analysis to meet the needs of workers in each industry.

As an AI innovation engine, Eureka also accelerates the development of new SymphonyAI products and the refinement of existing ones so customers can stay ahead of the competition. It does so by providing a technology core built on a foundation of data. There is no AI without data, and thanks to the Eureka platform, it is possible to create domain-specific LLMs that are essential for high-performing predictive + generative AI software products.

On top of the Eureka data layer are core capabilities in machine learning, generative AI skills and agents, a common, advanced gen-AI-first UI/UX, and state-of-the-art data infrastructure essential for building vertical-specific applications. The beauty of the platform approach and the vertical AI capabilities is that as best-in-class approaches are identified, those capabilities can be added anywhere in the stack. That means specific skills can be added to products that mirror a human’s actions when presented with similar information. Similarly, new copilots can be developed more quickly to boost worker productivity.

Accelerating Our Customers’ AI Journey

SymphonyAI’s unique approach to building AI applications delivers value to customers because it uses core enterprise-ready technology to develop products while tailoring solutions to each vertical’s distinct needs. Additionally, this approach further benefits from best practice sharing among domain experts and product development leaders. While customers in each vertical have unique needs, best-in-class innovations can come from any vertical and are shared across the company.

To facilitate this idea sharing, SymphonyAI has a core innovation team comprised of representatives from each vertical. This internal collaboration means contributions can come from any area of the business and be quickly analyzed for suitability, modification, and extension to other verticals.

Eureka Gen AI’s core technologies drive innovation at unprecedented speeds and cost-effectiveness that would not be possible with a focus on a single vertical. The SaaS-based applications add another layer of efficiency, making updates seamless and allowing clients to keep pace with the ever-evolving AI landscape. This powerful combination accelerates value for SymphonyAI’s clients across industries while positioning them to benefit from future advances in predictive and generative AI.

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