AI - What is it good for?

02.15.2017 | By SymphonyAI team

How fun to start today’s blog with a nod to Edwin Starr.

I was on the phone this morning with a very senior executive from one of the largest defense contractors in the world.  As you can imagine, they are getting bombarded by nearly every machine learning and artificial intelligence company on the planet.

One of her complaints was that the people she meets from these companies can’t describe what their product really does, or what it’s good for.  They can go into lots of details about their algorithms, but they have a hard time talking about how the technology is best applied, or how it has been used successfully deployed in production.

At Ayasdi we’re all about artificial intelligence for the enterprise, and we’re very proud of the large number of successful deployments out there in the world.

Part of what leads to this success is that we’ve learned to not focus exclusively on our algorithms – and instead to speak more to the business problems that enterprises are solving with our platform and why.

So what is Ayasdi?

Ayasdi is an Artificial Intelligence platform that you can use to automate business processes formerly thought of as exclusively in the domain of humans, to deploy intelligent applications that augment and even surpass human capabilities, and to make fundamental new discoveries in big and high dimensional data.

Hopefully this gets you in the ballpark – it’s an AI platform that sits on top of big data, and solves business problems that we are used to thinking are for humans only.

And what is it good for?

In large numbers of successful deployments, we’ve noticed a clear set of patterns where Ayasdi shines.

One pattern is simply if you are faced with very high dimensional data – up to a million or more columns – (aka features or variables) – there simply doesn’t seem to be anything else out there that can make sense out of a data set this wide.  Even a thousand columns is a problem for most other systems – and the human brain can only handle a few dozen variables, tops.

The other pattern is the domain of the business problem.  Ayasdi has proven to be very good at solving business problems that start with big data and/or high dimension data and require:

  • Segmentation
  • Anomaly detection
  • Prediction
  • Feature selection
  • Model creation and validation
  • Recommendation

Remember that the Ayasdi AI platform automatically combines many machine learning, statistical and geometric algorithms to attack these patterns.  And it applies intelligence – characteristics like discovery, learning, prediction, justification and action – to solve these problems.

If you have a problem that sounds like it lands in one of these area – perhaps it’s time to give artificial intelligence from Ayasdi a try.  It’s AI that’s good for a lot!

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