Enhancing Sensa Investigation Hub with Google Maps and Google Street View

01.18.2024 | Henry Fosdike

When it launched at the end of 2023, the Sensa Investigation Hub brought financial institutions a new strategic tool for financial crime investigation and management that cuts investigation time by up to 70%. This is thanks to AI-powered case management, a generative AI copilot that works alongside investigators, an entity-centric view of risk with full transparency and regulatory friendly auditing, and the ability to seamlessly work alongside whatever existing rules-based system a bank has in place.

Now, the Sensa-NetReveal product team has upped the game with clever integrations of Google Maps and Google Street View to bring additional clarity to understanding risk level of an account holder. As part of the Subject Details panel, investigators can quickly assess risk by analysing the personal profile, financial profile, contact information, relationship, tax details, accounts, and geographical profile of subjects on one screen. Google Maps and Google Street View are new additions to this intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. Simply clicking the icon to the right of a subject’s address will give the investigator a pop-up of the area they are looking into.

The devil’s in the details

Integrating Google capabilities into the SymphonyAI Sensa Investigation Hub is a small but powerful addition that lets an investigator quickly assess the given address of a subject without needing to exit the platform and do a web search to find the relevant information that they are after. It provides a faster, more effective and efficient way of working.

From within the panel, at a glance, it’s easy to see whether details align or if further investigation is necessary. Is the subject likely to be located at the address they provided? Is it a residential building or a commercial property? What’s nearby? Answers to these questions are now available at the click of a button – using Google Maps to see the surrounding area and then Google Street View to get a better idea of the vicinity and how it looks in real life. It all adds up to a much improved approach to investigation and a powerful tool for investigators of all levels to use going forward.

Example use-cases of the Google Maps integration
Example use-case #1

A purported manufacturer of furniture is looking to open a business account in their name and state that their address is #32 East 32nd Street in New York. Without leaving Sensa Investigation Hub, and as part of KYC checks, an investigator can quickly see that the address actually belongs to a hotel.

Example use-case #2

An investigator is following up on a case where the address of the company involved might appear to be legitimate – a retailer based in a shopping center. However, on further inspection, Google Street View reveals that the given address is actually a UPS store inside a shopping center. Using this information, the investigator asks for a legitimate location for the business instead of relying on the information that has previously been given.

Example use-case #3

A subject is looking to open a personal bank account and lists their address as 6 Bouverie Avenue, Salisbury, UK. Though the address appears to be legitimate at first glance, by using a combination of Google Maps and Google Street View, an investigator can see that the number given doesn’t actually feature on that road with property numbers jumping straight from #2 to #8.

A modern approach to financial crime investigation

Alongside the Google offerings and as part of Sensa Investigation Hub, enterprises also enjoy the use of  Simply ask Sensa Copilot a question and it will find the answer as fast as possible, without an investigator needing to scroll through many lines of financial data to find the information themselves. Sensa Copilot is also able to summarize and analyze data, and with many more enhancements and additions coming throughout the year, it frees up financial crime investigators to focus on making informed decisions.

Available as a SaaS solution in a full-cloud or hybrid-cloud scenario, or on-premise, the Sensa Investigation Hub ensures seamless scalability and accessibility, enhancing operational agility for your financial crime prevention efforts.

And all this alongside our existing end-to-end financial crime prevention solutions that together form the Sensa-NetReveal product ecosystem. This includes transaction monitoring, sanctions screening (transaction screening and name screening), adverse media, transaction filtering, know your customer (KYC), customer due diligence (CDD), and payments fraud.

Wanting to find out more about how SymphonyAI can enhance your financial crime prevention efforts? Feel free to book a demo today and see first hand how Sensa Investigation Hub can help you.

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