Unveiling the blueprint for market-leading Gen AI

03.13.2024 | Henry Fosdike

In the dynamic landscape of AI, generative AI (gen AI) emerges as a revolutionary force. From pioneering language models to innovative applications, gen AI has captured the imagination of both businesses and individuals. But what distinguishes market-leading gen AI in this transformative field?

Last year, Forbes published an interesting article focusing on shakers, makers, and takers. This idea of harmonious interplay between three distinct groups is a clear way of understanding the current landscape of gen AI. They are outlined as follows:

  1. Shakers: Pioneering research and development

Shakers are the trailblazers, the organizations leading the charge in gen AI innovation. They invest significantly in primary research and development, pushing the boundaries of deep neural net models. Notable shakers include:

  • OpenAI: Initially operating as a non-profit before branching out with a for-profit subsidiary, OpenAI focuses on cutting-edge AI development. The GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 models are among the most powerful market-leading gen AI solutions available, with free options and paid subscriptions.
  • Google AI: A premier research lab, Google AI has made substantial contributions to gen AI with foundational models like the transformer used in deep-learning. The multimodal model (PaLM) and pure language model (Bard) have significantly impacted gen AI and its development.
  • Nvidia: Beyond hardware, Nvidia offers a comprehensive full-stack platform for accelerated computing and AI model deployment. Regarded as one of the companies at the forefront of the backend of AI, the likes of OpenAI, Google, and Meta are all Nvidia clients, which is helping provide the tools for these companies to progress their AI efforts.
  1. Makers: Building practical solutions

Makers bridge the gap between research and practical applications. They develop tools, platforms, and infrastructure, enabling businesses to harness gen AI effectively. Key characteristics of makers include:

  • Modern technology infrastructure: Makers construct robust platforms facilitating market-leading gen AI deployment, prioritizing scalability, reliability, and ease of use.
  • Data capabilities: Makers understand that quality data fuels gen AI. They provide solutions for data collection, pre-processing, and model training.

Makers include Amazon, which uses language learning models (LLMs) to assist sellers in all areas, and SymphonyAI, which offers transformational off-the-shelf AI products across industries including retail, industrial, IT services, media, and financial services.

As an example of the success of these applications, market researcher Chartis listed SymphonyAI as a top-three position in the Chartis Research Financial Crime and Compliance 50 Report. Additionally, Chartis recognized SymphonyAI with its debut GenAI Initiatives Award on the strength of the SymphonyAI Sensa Investigation Hub and Sensa Copilot, which combine industry-leading predictive and generative AI with deep financial crime detection domain expertise.

Other leading maker companies include Salesforce and IBM.

  1. Takers: Strategic implementation

Takers are pragmatic adopters of gen AI, recognizing its value and strategically incorporating it into their operations. These companies are generally small to medium-sized businesses that can’t afford the huge investment required to implement proprietary software.

Since many solutions are available off-the-shelf via an API at places such as the  , customization isn’t necessary. Uses include installing a ChatGPT chatbot to triage customer enquiries on the website or improve logistics.

Key defining features of takers include:

  • Business performance link: Takers align gen AI initiatives with business goals, measuring success in tangible outcomes such as improving customer experience, optimizing supply chains, or enhancing decision-making.
  • Leadership support: Takers secure buy-in from top leadership, making gen AI an integral part of their organizational strategy.
  • Responsible AI: Takers prioritize ethical and responsible use of gen AI, addressing concerns such as bias, transparency, and privacy.

There are many examples of takers with financial institutions using SymphonyAI releases downloaded from the Azure marketplace to enhance one area of their financial crime investigations, such as sanctions. These plug-and-play initiatives allow companies to bring their current software up to date without completely refreshing their systems and starting again from scratch.

Market-leading gen AI arises from the harmonious interplay of Shakers, Makers, and Takers. Understanding these roles is crucial for organizations aiming to fully harness the potential of generative AI as the field continues evolving before a new set of innovators arrives.

  1. Shapers: Creating the future

Away from shakers, makers, and takers, a new group will evolve over the next few years: shapers. These will be the companies that shape the future landscape of gen AI, going beyond where the shakers have gone before. An example from the past would be the likes of Google, which didn’t invent the search engine but shaped it into what it is today, and Tesla, which didn’t invent the electric car, but has dominated the industry in recent years by answering critics with forward-thinking solutions such as branded charging points on key routes across the US and elsewhere, reserved only for owners of their cars.

Shapers can only be adequately defined over a long period, and there may be many shapers of market-leading gen AI across many different industries. SymphonyAI intends to be a shaper as it continues to iterate on its industry-leading gen AI and predictive AI products. Attaining a top-three position in the Chartis Research FCC 50 Report is recognition of the journey SymphonyAI is on to achieving this aim.

If you’re interested in learning more about SymphonyAI and how our end-to-end anti-financial crime solution can help across ALM transaction monitoring, sanctions, payment fraud, and KYC/CDD, please contact us or book a demo.

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