5 Ways Proceedix can Automate Data Collection for Inspections

05.05.2023 | By Mark Speyers

Proceedix, a Connected Worker solution by SymphonyAI Industrial, helps industrial manufacturers with automated data collection and digital workflows in several ways. One of our industrial clients, a large wind turbine manufacturer–with tens of thousands of windmills around the world–found that they were able to digitize and automate many of their procedures with Proceedix. Today, they benefit from a 30% reduction in time spent on inspections.

With automated data collection from Proceedix, here are 5 ways most manufacturers could improve their inspections:

#1 Digital Forms: Proceedix allows manufacturers to create digital inspection and instruction forms that can be accessed by workers on mobile and/or wearable devices. These forms can be customized to include specific data fields and instructions, which makes it easier for workers to collect accurate and complete data during inspections.

#2 Image and video capture: Proceedix allows workers to easily capture images and videos using a smartphone or tablet during inspections, which can be used to document, and launch actions, related to any issues or areas that require attention. These images and videos can be digitally stored alongside other inspection data, making it easier and faster to analyze, contextualize, and interpret the data.

#3 Real-time data validation: Proceedix uploads data in real-time, which helps to ensure that all data collected during inspections is accurate and complete. This can be especially important in industries where safety or regulatory compliance is a concern.

#4 Automated data analysis: Proceedix provides real-time data analysis capabilities, which allows manufacturers to monitor inspection data in real-time and identify trends or areas for improvement. This can help manufacturers to optimize their inspection processes and improve overall quality and efficiency.

#5 Historical data tracking: Proceedix allows manufacturers to track historical inspection data over time, which can be used to identify trends and patterns in the data. This can help manufacturers to identify areas where they can make improvements and optimize their processes.

Overall, Proceedix helps industrial manufacturers automate their processes while collecting and contextualizing data more efficiently. By leveraging digital tools and real-time data analysis capabilities, manufacturers can improve the accuracy and completeness of their inspection data, optimize their processes, and improve overall quality and efficiency.

Schedule 15 mins with our team to learn how you can improve your operational excellence and digitize your workflows with Proceedix.

Written by Mark Speyers
Digital Marketing Manager at SymphonyAI Industrial

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