How a Connected Worker platform helps achieve ESG goals

ESG and sustainability impact of a digital work instruction and inspection platform

07.31.2022 | Wout Depoot


  • Sustainability and ESG high on the enterprise agenda
  • ESG and how firms benefit
  • How Proceedix helps to improve Sustainability

Sustainability and ESG high on the enterprise agenda

Sustainability has been familiar to us for quite some time, yet its impact has become more essential looking into future circumstances such as changes in climate. Business industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, construction and even transportation are known to contribute a significant adverse impact to the environment. Technology companies on the other hand are considered major contributors of solutions helping to deal with environmental problems and firms are increasingly implementing sustainability in their normal business practices each day.

The term widely used in industry when referring to sustainability is ESG. ESG stands for Environmental Social and Governance, and refers to the three key factors when measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a business or company. It is more and more used as a set of criteria that investors are considering in searching and filtering companies that are “socially responsible”. Therefore, ESG reporting has become an important aspect of corporate strategy and financial reporting.

Sustainability, ESG and How Firms Benefit

Facilitating sustainability has become a part of many firms’ business strategies to generate long-term value from considering how environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues affect a company.

More firms are leaning towards a sustainable future, adequately positioning themselves in a digital transformation journey and helping businesses meet their ESG goals. In fact, a report by KPMG highlights how 58% of CEOs state that an increased reporting and transparency on their ESG goals is something that is demanded by their investors, regulators and customers. Similarly, 81% of global consumers strongly feel that companies should be helping to improve the environment.

Additionally, companies are becoming targeted by emerging regulations, and the CDP Global Supply Chain Report shows how the effects of climate change and environmental risks alone can cost companies up to a total of $1.3 trillion per year by 2026. Initiatives made towards ESG goals can help yield significant cost reductions.

ESG provides firms with both a financial and social value long-term, being able to address global environmental issues. A strong ESG proposition carries value for a business in a way that can generate tremendous developmental and financial growth.

E: The ‘Environmental’ component of ESG focuses on a company’s effect on the environment. Practicing sustainability in this category helps draw in customers, and provides companies with access to more resources, saving both energy and operating costs.

S: The ‘Social’ component of ESG focuses on the impact that a company has on a social environment or community. Practicing sustainability in this category can help establish or increase a company’s social credibility and increase community relationships.

G: The ‘Governance’ component of ESG focuses on the corporate governance of a company. Practicing sustainability in this category can help build relationships with investors as well as support from the government. Please visit this report by McKinsey to see the ways that ESG creates value.

How Proceedix is contributing to companies sustainability goals

Proceedix, a SymphonyAI Industrial solution, is a Connected Worker platform that manages enterprise procedures, work instructions, checklists and quality inspections in an easy and digital way. Eliminating paper, optimizing process excellence and connecting operators with mobile devices are the very core of our DNA.

Here is how using a digital workflow solution like Proceedix can contribute to more sustainability.

100% Paperless

By using Proceedix, all enterprise procedures, work instructions and inspection checklists become completely digitized and made accessible on phones, tablets and wearable devices. Alongside the direct benefits of utilizing electronic work instructions and inspections for optimized process excellence, there are also a multitude of sustainable benefits. The reduction of paper and energy waste from having everything available digitally is something that considerably exemplifies sustainability. Paper, ink and energy are only a few of the varying types of resources that are being saved both internally and externally.

Authoring on the portal allows procedures to be edited and updated instantly through the cloud. Work instructions and their corresponding actions are often dynamic and require periodic alterations. Proceedix consequently eliminates the need to have to physically amend changes in any documents through its paperless processes. Please visit this article to learn more about Why paper-based Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) fail to do the job.

Cloud Innovation

The current drive of pursuing cloud innovation from providers derives from the cloud’s ability to offer businesses a more efficient system while helping meet their sustainability goals. Proceedix operates on as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution in the cloud, and has been adopted on private cloud infrastructure options as well. By reducing the need for additional hardware, software, servers and licenses, cloud services have already revolutionized technology in business with its positive impact on the environment. Aside from providing businesses with greater efficiency, clouds are eco-friendly, and using a cloud saves energy and lowers greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Additionally, cloud utilization can lead to dematerialization through its significant reduction in physical and carbon waste.

Higher Quality and waste reduction

Proceedix provides any shop floor or frontline operator with a step-by-step guidance on the job at hand, even the most complex ones. This avoids missing critical steps, executing steps in a wrong order or simply executing a step the wrong way. This first-time-right approach avoids machine down-time and low quality production or waste.

Productivity increase and preventive maintenance planning

For manufacturers and any Proceedix user alike, the utilization of any given procedure’s execution data works towards reducing negative impacts on the environment. All procedures provide users with execution data that can be analyzed for synthesizing insights beneficial to the company. This includes adequately implementing data-driven decision making, which increases productivity, quality and efficiency for any company’s workflow.

Proceedix consistently works to aid enterprise firms and manufacturers during their digital transformation journey. Proceedix offers an action management functionality which inevitably promotes sustainability through its value of resolving issues found during work execution. Risk management is made easy through this with the chances of mistakes and margins of error being significantly reduced.

A built-in planning module makes it possible to plan maintenance tasks in the future, enabling easy following up of preventive maintenance execution.

Visit this article to learn more of the beneficial features for digital inspections.

Continuous improvement based on Reporting and Integration

Another sustainable aspect apparent within Proceedix are the various advantageous traceability functionalities. All types of data from procedures and executions are automatically logged and available and users are able to view and extract what they desire from the given data or digital thread. This level of traceability allows the users to identify areas that may need management while contributing towards reaching the company’s sustainability goals.

Setting and tracking a firm’s sustainability goals is not limited to integrating solely from the data provided through using Proceedix. The integration API module offers users a bi-directional connection of Proceedix with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems such as eLMS, LIMS, MES, CMMS, DMS, WMS, QMS, EHS, … (e.g. SAP). Another social practice of sustainability is demonstrated through the security measures granted within our integrations. Common methods that exemplify this include ensuring access to users with features like Single Sign-On authentication (e.g. SAML SSO, Okta, Keycloak, …) and managing users and groups through using a company’s active directory (Microsoft AD).

Additionally, Internet of Things and Proceedix’s IoT card allows Proceedix to integrate with third-party systems to become embedded into an existing manufacturing system. Smart sensors and external web services can be used to exchange information in real time. The IoT card within Proceedix works to display information from desired sensors during any stage of any procedure. Firms naturally contribute towards sustainability implementing this is their workflow, saving operation or execution time while limiting the room for error. View all of the End-to-end integrations that Proceedix offers in greater detail here.

Furthermore, executions can be further analyzed through BI Dashboards to help draw conclusions based on analytics or build personalized dashboards based on the desired business metrics. Data from Proceedix can be integrated in PowerBI, Tableau or Qlik Sense to improve the user’s data-driven decision making.

Let us show you how we can help achieve your company’s sustainability and ESG goals. Click here to get started.

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