Transforming the Enterprise with AI


Our Mission

Building the leading enterprise AI solutions company for business revenue and profit growth across all key vertical sectors

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“We operate with a single strategy to rapidly create high-value enterprise AI SaaS solutions with fast time to value for customers in all key vertical sectors. We achieve this through a unique combination of an industry-leading AI platform plus deep vertical expertise and a focus on business-impacting insights and outcomes.”

Dr. Romesh Wadhwani

Founder, Chairman, and CEO

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The breakthrough enterprise AI platform for packaged SaaS solutions with rapid time to value

Business Value Creation

EurekaAI powers SymphonyAI’s vertical business analytics solutions. The enterprise AI platform discovers previously hidden patterns and behaviors in your data for unmatched business outcomes. Deep vertical expertise allows SymphonyAI to develop packaged AI applications that accelerate time to value and reduce the reliance on scare in-house data science personnel.

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Empowered Experts

EurekaAI uses advanced visualization techniques combined with supervised and unsupervised ML to deliver highly relevant and transparent insights to data science staff and business experts alike. This unification rapidly expands the pool of professionals who can use applications, thereby accelerating return on investment.

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Predictive Intelligence

SymphonyAI vertical business solutions combine the EurekaAI platform with low-/no-code process and workflow orchestration capabilities to deliver extensive predictive intelligence. Automated predictive alerts and recommendations, intelligent searching, and exploration empower business users with the right actionable insights to make faster and better decisions in their day-to-day activities.

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Proven Outcomes

SymphonyAI’s enterprise platform is proven to deliver value at scale across numerous use cases and vertical industries. Built and tested in demanding real-world scenarios, the EurekaAI multi-cloud hybrid platform provides high scalability, enterprise-grade security, and Soc 2, HIPPA, and INFOSEC compliance to run mission-critical applications with confidence.

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Vertical Sectors

Financial Services

Building the leading enterprise AI SaaS solutions for risk management, liquidity optimization, and customer growth to drive revenue and profit growth for banks and financial institutions.

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The leading provider of medical ​imaging AI development, visualization, ​and interoperability technologies, helping medical professionals strengthen clinical decisions and achieve faster and better-informed care.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Building the leading enterprise AI SaaS solutions for manufacturing and plant performance optimization to drive revenue and profit growth for industrial manufacturers.

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Information Technology

Effortlessly bringing service and asset management together under one platform with AI-driven knowledge intelligence.

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Life Sciences

Building the leading enterprise AI SaaS solutions for life sciences and healthcare to accelerate insights and improve patient outcomes.

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Media and Telecom

Building the leading enterprise AI SaaS solutions for revenue, subscriber, and content insights to drive revenue and profit growth for media companies.

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Public Sector

Building the leading enterprise AI SaaS solutions to transform the public sector, delivering insights and predictive analytics for large data sets, helping to reduce costs, control waste, and provide efficiencies.

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Retail and CPG

Building the leading enterprise AI SaaS solutions for merchandising and supply chain optimization to drive revenue and profit growth for retailers and CPG manufacturers.

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“The investment in Symphony AyasdiAI was proven within weeks, as a result of interdicting a set of complex, hidden cyberattacks.”


“ConcertAI’s deep expertise in research-grade RWD solutions and AI technologies make it the ideal collaborator with Precision Health Informatics to help us more quickly develop medical innovations that benefit patients in our practice and elsewhere.”


“As a customer, we can attest to the value of [Symphony IndustrialAI’s] vibration data collectors and other diagnostic tools, but it’s the benefits of centralizing the analysis of that data in one, easy-to-access web portal that will improve our program.”


“Symphony MediaAI constantly helps NBCU create new ways to more efficiently and effectively manage our operations. The OTT program is another example of the leadership and innovation that make Symphony MediaAI a key strategic partner in capturing value and positioning us for future success.”


“In today’s media landscape, context is king. It’s one thing to apply AI algorithms to problems but what the market needs is real-time behavioral analysis and prescriptive recommendations that make a measurable difference to providers seeking customer engagement at scale and Symphony MediaAI provides just that.”


“One of the critical things for our program rollout is the partnership that we have with Symphony RetailAI. It’s essential that we’re working together and we collaborate, and we’ve seen that so far on our project, which has been fantastic for us as a customer.”