Our Mission is to Transform the Business Enterprise with AI Solutions

SymphonyAI Group: Fastest Growing "Startup" in B2B AI

SymphonyAI is one of the fastest growing "startups" in the world, backed by $1 billion commitment from Dr. Wadhwani. We are building Systems of Actionable Intelligence across the enterprise. We incubate, transform, and invest in companies that make enterprise smarter with AI.

Our vision: leveraging eurekaAI, our horizontal AI platform, to accelerate transformation in the enterprise

Our Portfolio

We have invested in and transformed 8 companies across retail, media, healthcare, industrial, IT, and work to transform revenue management across all industries.

Our Founder and CEO

Our chairman, CEO and primary owner is Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, who has built over 30 successful companies. He built Symphony Technology Group from startup to a group of companies with $2.5 billion in revenue. He has personally committed $1 billion to SymphonyAI.