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Unlock measurable results with predictive and generative AI.

SymphonyAI’s applications supercharge growth and productivity for businesses across industries.

About us
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Predictive and generative AI

Drive results with advanced AI at scale

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solutions for all.

SymphonyAI’s packaged AI SaaS uncovers and addresses industry-specific challenges — so your business can thrive.

Drive category growth, boost engagement and loyalty, navigate retail evolution, and more.

Reduce fraud, uncover bad actors, streamline regulatory compliance, and more.

Maximize output, minimize downtime, reduce operational risk, and more.

Analyze and maximize the revenue lifecycle, accurately forecast content revenue, and more.

Automate workflows, deliver exceptional service, simplify work, and more.

SymphonyAI’s customers benefit from the power of predictive and generative AI.


Serving 124,000+ retail stores globally

Financial Services

70% faster investigation resolution


1.5% increased throughput and +$4M annual sales


+$1M revenue opportunity and +90K content assets

Enterprise IT

2x increased efficiency in managing operations with rapid, 90-day implementation

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