AI SaaS for the future of business

By addressing challenges at the core of your business, our tailored AI applications deliver rapid, real, relevant results to transform how the world works.

Business-integrated AI applications

Industry focus and expertise

We start with a deep focus on industry-specific challenges, pinpointing use cases where AI can make the most impact.

Rich AI for exploration and discovery

We apply decades of vertical experience to build data and domain-specific models, developing rapid ML pipelines with deep exploration to accelerate production and create highly targeted, useful applications.

Precision AI SaaS applications

Our production-ready AI applications are designed for easy adoption with intuitive workflows and seamless integrations.

Enterprise AI technology

By focusing on the fundamental datasets, algorithms, and models pre-trained for specific domains and applications, our verticalized approach allows for rapid scale from POC to enterprise production.

Real results

Grow revenue and optimize operations with applications designed to solve
your most pressing business challenges

Retail execution
Yield optimization
Promotion effectiveness
Customer insights
Fault detection
Churn reduction

Improving retail sales with AI-powered shelf intelligence

North american retailer

SymphonyAI’s fastest, most accurate image recognition on the market connects retail planning and execution with real-time insights to improve shelf compliance, on-shelf availability, and customer satisfaction.


Inventory accuracy rate


Shelf compliance improvement


Retail sales increase


on-shelf inventory availability increase

Improving manufacturing yield and asset life

Global mining company

SymphonyAI software provides AI insights into operating conditions so manufacturers can increase throughput.


Increased throughput


Annual additional revenue

Improving retail shopper loyalty and promotion effectiveness

$50B emea retailer

SymphonyAI supplier collaboration and customer-centric retailing tools help personalize and maximize promotional events, increase loyalty and trips, and improve revenue.


Increase in trips


Increase in loyalty upgrades


Increase in CPG promotion funding

Consumer insights to drive retail sales

$60B north american retailer

SymphonyAI’s CINDE delivers high-volume CPG insights at scale for customer-centric operations and collaborative workflows to address key CPG use cases.


Incremental profit


Incremental sales

Manufacturing production optimization

Industrial gases company

SymphonyAI diagnostics provide accurate fault detection and equipment downtime reduction that can significantly improve manufacturing yield.


Reduction in P1 and P2 faults


Estimated Cost Savings

Churn reduction

US subscription streaming service company​

SymphonyAI churn mitigation solution uncovers content monetization factors that can predict customer churn and reveal new revenue opportunities​.


free-trial subscribers identified


revenue opportunity


content assets identified for revenue attribution​