Transforming the Business Enterprise with Actionable AI.

We enable revenue growth and operational excellence for business
with our AI Systems of Actionable Intelligence and Integrated 360 Datasets.

Who We Are

Ware a team of successful executives and technology experts building a group of leading companies that provide AI-enabled platforms and intelligence solutions for retail, CPG, healthcare, industrial and other verticals as well as enterprise functions such as contract intelligence and talent intelligence. We innovate and deliver complete solution suites, not just point solutions. Our platforms and solutions enable the enterprise to drive revenue growth and operational excellence that goes well beyond the value they get from their current systems of record such as SAP and Oracle.

Leading Systems Of Actionable Intelligence

We build transformative platform companies leveraging the power of AI.


Leader in the Definitive Oncology Real World Data and AI Solutions for Precision Health


Leading provider of AI solutions for driving growth in Retail


Emerging leader in AI solutions for driving growth for CPG/brand manufacturers


Leading provider of Actionable Intelligence solutions for IT Service & Operations Management


Emerging leader in AI solutions for Oil, Gas, Chemicals, Mining and Process Manufacturing

Revenue Intelligence

Revenue Intelligence for driving growth in all sectors and verticals

We’re the Largest and Fastest Growing “Startup” in AI

With expected revenue of $275 million in 2018, we’re already the largest private B2B AI solutions company in the world. We’re the safest B2B AI solutions company for any enterprise in any vertical to do business with.

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Our Founder and CEO is One of the Most Successful B2B Technology Entrepreneurs

Dr. Romesh Wadhwani was founder, Chairman and CEO of Aspect Development Group, one of the first “big data” companies, a leader in data/analytics/enterprise software solutions for the supply chain. Ten years after its start in 1991, Aspect was acquired for $9.3B, the largest software deal ever to that day.

From 2002 to 2017, Romesh built Symphony Technology Group (STG) from startup to over $2.5B in revenue. STG was organized as a private equity fund in which Romesh was both CEO and Managing Partner. STG has invested $1.6B in capital in 33 platform companies and has created over $10B in enterprise value.

He’s ready to do it again with SymphonyAI.

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Who Our Investors Are

Our founder and CEO, Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, has committed $1 billion in capital to build SymphonyAI Group into a global leader that delivers extraordinary new value. SymphonyAI opens up new revenue opportunities for enterprise customers as we become a multi-billion dollar revenue group.

EurekaAI: Purpose Built for Enterprise

Why EurekaAI

Our Chief AI Officer, Pradeep Javangula, discusses SymphonyAI’s approach to artificial intelligence as it serves enterprise needs. At scale, companies have droves of untapped data from a variety of sources, and a critical need for insights and intelligence to solve new problems based on these disparate sources- that’s why we built EurekaAI.

Why is AI Critical to Enterprise Growth?
How does the Eureka Platform Work?

How does EurekaAI work?

Our Chief AI Officer, Pradeep Javangula, discusses the key tenants of EurekaAI – business driven, interoperable with current systems, and transparent. EurekaAI is built for business to address new problems effectively without redesigning their entire stack, and with transparency and auditability, to easily understand why recommendations and insights are surfaced.

Our Leadership Team is One of Best in B2B AI Solutions

Meet the team

Our Perspective on Building an AI Business: Why This, Why Now?

What does SymphonyAI Deliver for Enterprise Clients?

How can AI Help the Health Sector?

Why Focus on AI Innovation?

Why Focus on Early Stage AI Companies?

What Makes SymphonyAI Stand Out?

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