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We are an operating group of leading business-to-business AI companies. Our mission is to transform the enterprise with a new generation of AI solutions.

SymphonyAI Group portfolio companies drive the next phase of business transformation, delivering economic value in retail, healthcare, financial services, industrial, manufacturing, defense, and media.

Our Portfolio

The market-leading SymphonyAI companies are transforming the enterprise with a new generation of AI solutions in retail, CPG, healthcare, life sciences, industrial manufacturing, energy, oil & gas, media, and financial services.

­­­Symphony RetailAI is a global leader in AI-enabled decision platforms, solutions and insights for driving profitable revenue growth for retailers and CPG manufacturers.

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Concerto HealthAI is the global leader in precision oncology, integrating AI technology, real-world data and real-world evidence solutions for life science companies and healthcare providers.

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Symphony MediaAI is a leading provider of AI-powered technology solutions that help accelerate revenue growth for media companies and content publishers and distributors.

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Symphony AyasdiAI is the world’s most advanced AI software company for a new generation of high-value solutions for banks and other financial institutions.

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Symphony AzimaAI is the leader of expert system, AI-powered industrial process optimization and asset health solutions.

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Symphony SummitAI is a leading provider AI-driven IT and enterprise service management solutions.

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Symphony IndustrialAI delivers end-to-end industrial IoT and AI process management software solutions for organizations to improve operations and reduce costs.

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We are looking forward to expanding our collaboration with Concerto HealthAI and exploring the application of analytics to RWD (real-world data) for generating RWE (real-world evidence) in genitourinary cancers, a key area of our oncology strategy.


When choosing an IT solution, we always try to avoid customization and build our business processes in the way that an IT product supports. The functionality of the Symphony RetailAI solution has completely suited us, and the company will not have to make significant changes to the current business processes.


AI technology can help with compliance because it has the ability “to do things human beings are not typically good at like high frequency high volume data problems” or augment human capabilities. It’s a win-win. We reduce risks and it costs less money.


We are pleased to partner with industry visionaries and proven business leaders like Romesh Wadhwani and Jeff Elton to bring a range of forward-looking data and technology solutions to the market. We are impressed with Concerto HealthAI’s innovative culture, technology leadership, and significant runway for growth. Concerto HealthAI is positioned to empower next-generation clinical research, accelerate breakthrough therapies, and improve patient outcomes.


Symphony SummitAI is a world-class product working for a world-class airport. We needed an ITSM solution that could help us serve our millions of passengers better. Symphony SummitAI delivers significantly better user experiences and a complete solution to IT operations staff to handle day to day tasks in a timely, cost-effective way. Now our ticket resolution time is dramatically lower and our passengers are happier.


One of the reasons we partnered with Symphony MediaAI was we needed the ability to manage our retransmission process and utilize the data to gain insights into our business. Symphony MediaAI has delivered the results we needed. From data integrity and contract compliance to granular carriage level data capture that facilitates analytics to support data-driven decisioning, they have provided what we need. And all without the additional IT overhead associated with managing an on-premise software solution. Their willingness to partner on new analytics requirements, whether in the revenue management services or audit space, has been beneficial to us. They are a true partner.