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Accelerate revenue growth and unleash mission critical business productivity through generative and predictive AI from the leading enterprise SaaS company for retail, CPG, financial services, industrial, media, and enterprise IT

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IRIS Workspace simultaneous collaboration demo
Introducing IRIS Workspace, a live collaboration environment for industrial manufacturing
Perform AI-powered analysis in an infinitely-sized workspace designed to increase collaboration and productivity

SymphonyAI products

Address core business challenges with vertical AI SaaS purpose-built to provide valuable insights, recommendations, and what-if analysis

Retail and CPG

Optimize supply chain performance, drive better category and space planning decisions, and deliver a personalized customer experience.

SymphonyAI’s customers benefit
from the power of predictive and
generative AI


Serving 124,000+ retail stores globally

Financial Services

70% faster investigation resolution


1.5% increased throughput and +$4M annual sales


+$1M revenue opportunity and +90K content assets

Enterprise IT

2x increased efficiency in managing operations with rapid, 90-day implementation

A unique formula makes AI work for your business

Vertical + horizontal expertise

Domain expertise meets best-in-class AI

SymphonyAI unites industry knowledge with leading AI technology for uniquely useful applications.

Packaged solutions reduce time to value, providing immediate benefits through real-time insights, precise analysis, process optimization, and automation.

Predictive + generative AI

AI copilots and vertical applications

Move beyond traditional business intelligence to proactive generative and predictive AI.

Understand what happened and why, get real-time recommendations, and ask “what-if” so you can work better, faster.

The Eureka Gen AI Platform

The Eureka Gen AI platform powers all SymphonyAI applications. Eureka is tailored for each industry with vertical-specific skills, agents, predictive models, knowledge graphs, and language models to ensure applications are optimized for every industry, user, and use case.

Harmonize data from supply chain through to store management and merchandising for end-to-end insights.

Data architecture
The core data architecture seamlessly cleanses and wrangles petabytes of data across your entire retail ecosystem.

Retail-specific predictive models
Retail-specific predictive models provide insights optimized to improve customer loyalty and grow your bottom line.

Retail LLM
The retail-specific LLM is finely tuned to capture the retail industry’s unique nuances, acronyms, and lingo.

Generative and predictive AI applications
Tap the power of predictive and generative AI to understand what’s happened and plan for what’s next.

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