Reinventing ITSM with AI, automation and analytics

05.17.2019 | By Mark Speyers

Artificial intelligence (AI), automation and analytics are redefining ITSM’s role in business innovation, services, and organizational reinvention. Though these advances are potentially game-changing, they are not without their challenges. From functional understanding to technological complexity and from resource allocation to simple change aversion, many factors can interfere with adoption.

EMA recently conducted research to investigate the relationships between the demands of digital transformation and the many enabling technologies that are converging on the expanding discipline of ITSM. The firm looked at use cases for how AI and predictive analytics are being applied to incident and request service, problem resolution, support automation and broader levels of enterprise service management (ESM).

The goal of this research was to understand the desire, adoption, maturity and upcoming plans for these technologies and their power to transform ITSM. After surveying 400 global respondents, EMA shared its conclusions in a report, Automation, AI, and Analytics: Reinventing ITSM.

You can read the full report here for answers to pressing questions like:

  • How is ITSM changing to stay relevant and effective in a dynamic business environment?
  • What role does ESM play in the adoption of automation and AI, or are those technologies paving the way for extended services?
  • What is the level of understanding about the different types of AI and analytics?

Download the report now to find out how your organization could benefit from AI, automation, and analytics! Click here.

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