SymphonyAI Summit releases next-generation AI-enabled suite with digital agent to transform IT service management

02.19.2019 | By Mark Speyers

LOS ALTOS, Calif. – Feb. 19, 2019 – SymphonyAI Summit (formerly known as SymphonyAI Summit) today announced the latest version of its flagship product suite, SymphonyAI Summit Alps. This release includes enhanced AI capabilities and other new innovative features to deliver intelligent, round-the-clock service desk functionality while reducing cost and complexity. Visit for more information.

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The new features in SymphonyAI Summit Alps’ ITIL-certified modular suite are designed to help customers unleash productivity, accelerate business outcomes and deliver up to 45 percent improvement in total cost of ownership.


  • Digital agent CINDE for end users: SymphonyAI Summit Alps provides 24/7 service desk experience with its digital agent, CINDE. Users converse in natural language with CINDE using MS Teams, Jabber, Slack, and Webchat. Using natural language processing, CINDE understands the intent and resolves up to 30 percent of repetitive and manual tasks instantly. For tasks CINDE isn’t able to resolve, tickets are filed for resolution and status reports are provided.
  • Service desk intelligence: CINDE helps to categorize and prioritize tickets, and assigns them automatically to workgroups based on learnings from past data.
  • Enhanced UX/UI: SymphonyAI Summit Alps includes a new UX/UI and several new dashboards for CIOs, IT leaders and analysts.


Dr. Akhil Sahai, chief product officer, SymphonyAI Summit, said: “SymphonyAI Summit Alps uses AI to transform the way users interact with IT services. By freeing IT administrators, operations and service desk staff from repetitive and manual tasks and by providing intelligent insights and assistance, SymphonyAI Summit Alps optimizes IT management to deliver enhanced operational efficiency and user experience.”


John Thompson, associate director of IT operations, Greater Toronto Airport Authority, said:

“As we work our way to becoming the world’s best airport, IT plays a very pervasive role in our day-to-day operations — in everything from baggage handling to de-icing, checking in passengers and complying with customs regulations. SymphonyAI Summit is integral to how we serve our customers and keep operations running smoothly and safely. Within our first three months of using SymphonyAI Summit, we saw our most significant drop in ticket resolution time and we’ve been able to boost our First Call Resolution (FCR) to as high as 81 percent. We’re excited about our continued progress with the launch of  SymphonyAI Summit Alps.”


About SymphonyAI Summit

SymphonyAI Summit is a portfolio company of SymphonyAI. SymphonyAI is a group of companies that provide leading AI-centric solutions for transforming the business enterprise by driving revenue growth and operational excellence, for the retail, CPG, healthcare and industrial verticals, and for finance, IT and other key enterprise horizontal functions. Founded by Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, SymphonyAI is one of the fastest growing companies in the business-to-business AI solutions sector with a plan for $400 million in revenue in 2019 and 1,500 employees.

SymphonyAI Summit’s flagship product, SymphonyAI Summit, is an advanced, modular solution certified by ITIL and Pink Verify. SymphonyAI Summit unifies service management, asset management, and operations management in a single, easy-to-use offering. Enterprises and service providers use SymphonyAI Summit to dramatically reduce cost and complexity of their IT management while improving efficiency, productivity, predictability, and control. Leading enterprises across business, financial services, insurance, healthcare, IT and consulting, automobile, manufacturing, aviation and education verticals are delivering better user experience while lowering the cost of managing their IT using SymphonyAI Summit. Website:



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Jessica M. Pasko

Nadel Phelan, Inc.


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