Our Top Posts and Findings from 2022

12.06.2022 | Ray Gilmartin

2022 was a big year for media and entertainment and for SymphonyAI Media. To help understand where we are and what’s ahead, here is a guide to our top resources from this year.

If you followed us throughout the year, thank you for your readership and support! If you are new, we are happy to have you. Either way, when you have 40 seconds, please complete this three-question anonymous survey to guide our blog posts in 2023.


Blog posts to reference in 2023

As you tweak your business plan over the coming year, here are two blog posts you should read and then bookmark for quick reference.


Resources on FAST

The hottest distribution model of 2022 is FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming Television). This OTT model is taking off as consumers seek linear entertainment that doesn’t break the bank. Explore these resources to learn how content sellers and FAST platforms can generate more revenue.

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OTT monetization advice

Generating reliable OTT revenue is a significant challenge for both content sellers and distribution platforms. These articles provide targeted advice from SymphonyAI Media experts.


Pay TV monetization advice

Despite the excitement around OTT distribution, Pay TV is still generating substantial revenue for media organizations. These two articles include advice on licensing assets to cable and satellite distributors.


SymphonyAI Media developments

the datasheetOver the past year, we dramatically improved our Revedia content revenue optimization platform. Using our 30+ years of media finance experience, we tailored the Revedia SaaS platform to fit the needs of our enterprise media clients. Revedia Linear and Revedia Digital are now optimized to help content sellers and platform providers maximize content licensing revenue from Pay TV, broadcasting, and all major OTT platforms.

As we onboarded media organizations in 2022, we learned more about the platform’s capabilities.  In the spring, we published a blog post describing how Revedia is helping companies detect anomalies, generate revenue, and improve forecasting. We also created several case studies throughout the year describing Revedia’s impact on real companies.

In October, we launched a plethora of new features and capabilities for Revedia Digital as mentioned in this blog post and described in this 2-minute video. We hosted a webinar, “Intro to Revedia Digital,” demonstrating these features which you can now watch on demand.

Whether you are a Fortune 100 media executive or an independent consultant, we appreciate your support in 2022 and wish you a happy and prosperous 2023.

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