Midlands Co-operative Selects Aldata to Optimize Store Space to Meet Needs of Local Communities

01.13.2013 | By Mark Speyers

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As of 11 January, 2018 Symphony EYC became the Customer Intelligence Division of SymphonyAI.


Aldata, now Symphony EYC, and a global leader in retail and distribution improvement software, today announced that Midlands Co-operative, one of the largest independent retailers in the UK, has extended its investment to optimize its product assortment and retail space for each of its 192 food stores. Midlands Co-operative will be able to ensure store layouts and inventory meet the demands of local shoppers.

“Community is enormously important to us, so it is vital that we reflect those product needs locally,” said Mark Ruttley, General Manager – Information Solutions, Midlands Co-operative. “Space in Convenience stores has to be optimized, and it will make it easier to make the most of our merchandisable space.”

Midlands Co-operative has invested in Aldata’s Merchandising and Category Management solutions for Store Planning, Shelf Planning and Planogram Automation, which when used in conjunction with the G.O.L.D. Supply Chain and Store Replenishment solutions will enable Midlands Co-operative to match product ordering to the dimensions of both the store and the individual shelves, driving better availability and shopper satisfaction.

“We will be able to drive a two-way dialogue between Central Services, communicating assortment, promotions and layouts, and the stores who can quickly escalate any issues with compliance,” continues Ruttley. “While we have always been there for the Midlands community, we now have the technology to move to a more shopper-driven, rather than supply-driven retail model. Convenience shopping is very competitive and all stores need to meet the demands for ‘top up’ shopping by having the understanding and technology to stock a core set of products with the flexibility to meet local variations.”

“The implementation of space optimization will help Midlands Co-operative to improve availability and sales for each individual store as well as help to meet the needs of the local community,” said Andrew Banks, Commercial Director at Symphony EYC UK. “We are delighted to build on our existing supply chain technology relationship with Midlands Co-operative and look forward to supporting the full roll out next year.”

About Midlands Co-operative

Midlands Co-operative Society is one of the largest independent retail societies in the UK. It is a modern, forward-looking organization employing over 7,500 staff, with a turnover of £651m and profit of £26m in 2011/12. The Society’s principal areas of activity are food, funeral services, fashion and home, and transport. It has recently expanded its funeral services offer with the acquisition of its first crematorium. Midlands Co-operative has more than 300 trading outlets across 12 counties including; West Midlands, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Staffordshire.

Midlands Co-operative Society is proud of its reputation for ethical business practices and social responsibility. It is a member of Business in the Community, the membership organization that stands for responsible business. The Society has also won several awards throughout 2012 including; the Grocer Gold award for Good Employer from the Food and Drink Federation, and the Best Convenience Retailer for Chilled and Fresh Produce in the Convenience Tracking Program Awards.

The Society’s corporate charity is currently Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children for which they aim to raise £100,000 per year for two years.

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