About SymphonyAI

A fundamentally different approach to AI

Tailored predictive and generative AI applications address core business challenges to deliver rapid, real, relevant results.

Trusted by leading global brands

Rapid growth, rapid results

3,000+ team members worldwide delivering packaged enterprise AI solutions for a range of critical industry use cases.

Packaged AI applications – no building from scratch. No expensive service deployments.

Generative AI for business

Generative AI applications empower users with deep insights and productivity boosts to enhance workflows and decision making. Combining generative and predictive AI, SymphonyAI offers quick, accurate responses while maintaining data privacy and access through a natural language interface.

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Predictive AI for business

Forecast what’s next with predictive AI tuned for your industry with the right supervised, semi-supervised, or unsupervised machine learning optimized to address specific use cases.

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SymphonyAI values

Innovation at speed

We innovate predictive and generative AI-based solutions at a rapid tempo to deliver on the market opportunities that are revolutionizing industries.

Customer focus

We focus on delivering the highest possible value to our customers with time to initial value in weeks and months, with our vertical-specific AI-powered solutions.

Targeted performance

We are laser-focused on the outcomes that matter and focus on the right measurements that drive high-growth business results.

Unified as one

We are unified as one team like a world class orchestra. Individually we excel at our craft, together we have the scale, credibility, recognition, and expertise to perform.

AI SaaS for you.

Packaged AI applications are tailor-made for your specific industry and use case, providing unrivaled results.

Deliver high-performance supply chain operations, category planning, and insights.

The best high-scale transaction monitoring with the best AI for insights and cost management.

Improve plant processes, asset performance, uptime, process yield, and safety.

Drive revenue growth through strategic operations and customer subscription management.

IT, asset, and enterprise service management.