Seicomart to Implement Symphony EYC GOLD Retail Management

01.13.2013 | By SymphonyAI team

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As of 11 January, 2018 Symphony EYC became the Customer Intelligence Division of SymphonyAI.


Seicomart logoAldata, now Symphony EYC, and a global leader in retail and distribution improvement software, today announced that Seicomart, a Japanese convenience store group, will deploy its GOLD Retail Management Solution, which includes Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM) and Events Monitoring, as phase two of its overall GOLD implementation.

With GOLD MDM, Seicomart will achieve a single, unified view across all inventory data from the warehouse all the way through to the store.

Seicomart is a Japanese convenience store group with over 1,000 stores served by seven distribution centers predominantly in the Northern Island of Hokkaido, Japan. Established in 1971, the group provides fresh and healthy food at reasonable prices, while driving innovation and growth at an employee, project and group level.

In Q1 2013, Seicomart will complete phase one of its GOLD deployment with the implementation of Warehouse Replenishment, which will optimize inventory forecasting and management as well as procurement for supplier management and buying, and deliver real-time visibility and control across the company’s retail operations.

As the cornerstone of its GOLD Retail Management Solution, Seicomart will eliminate multiple MDM systems among its group companies. By standardizing on GOLD MDM, Seicomart will get a single, company-wide view of inventory and the ability to easily handle consistency of pricing across all 1,000 stores. Designed specifically for complex retail environments, GOLD MDM will enable Seicomart to:

  • Optimize its group supply chain with a holistic view of group wide inventory
  • Achieve a faster implementation of additional GOLD Supply Chain applications
  • Benefit from the best practices of European and American GOLD customers
  • Diminish its risk in owning/developing its own group MDM solution
  • Leverage the GOLD easily plug-in other best-of-breed applications

“Seicomart has always aspired to incorporate business strategies and technologies from all over the world,” said Hideki Tsutsumi, Director Distribution Control, Seico Fresh Foods, wholesale and distribution arm for Seicomart. “As we move into phase two of our GOLD supply chain implementation, Seicomart can learn through the best practices of European and American retailers, which have been, and continue to be, incorporated into the GOLD Supply Chain Management system.”

“GOLD MDM will give Seicomart the modern and centralized data foundation it needs to optimize the GOLD Retail Suite,” said Allan Davies, CMO of Symphony EYC. “It also ensures that they have a solid merchandise management system that will support both the adoption of retail best practices and Seicomart’s continued growth.”

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