FT FinCrime Forum: Regulation, recruitment, relationships

10.23.2018 | By Mark Speyers

The Intelligence Download Podcast

“At our recent exclusive briefing hosted by the Financial Times, experts from Red Lion Chambers, HSBC, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Financial Times, the Insurance Fraud Bureau and BAE Systems debated how best to build resilience against changing criminal strategies amidst a changing regulatory environment.

Topics include:

– What is the role of financial regulators in protecting the system? Regulatory changes over the last decade have been designed to bolster and stabilise the banking sector – but how are these legislations impacting financial crime?
– How can collaboration between financial institutions, law enforcement agencies and their corporate customers be improved to combat fraud and financial crime? What do new regulations mean for information-sharing between these organisations?
– Have the challenges of compliance to existing complex regulatory requirements – AML and KYC as well as data protection – been met? How?
– What is the national strategy for protecting banks, insurers and other financial services firms from financial crime? How are areas of government working with businesses to ensure that the financial ecosystem has adequate legislative, technical and cultural support? Is it possible to develop one policy framework that can be applied across a range of threat vectors?”

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