Assumed vs Actual Risk - ACAMS Webinar


Financial Institutions have developed a view of assumed risk based on a number of different inputs from scores to KYC information and negative news searches. How accurate is this view, however? In this webinar, we will learn that behavior is the ultimate determinant of actual risk and that measuring behavior, and most importantly, changes in behavior require new techniques, tools and technologies.

Key takeaways will include:

  • Why our current model of assumed risk is both inefficient and ineffective
  • Why the foundational element of a behavior-based model lies in segmentation
  • Why movement between segments is a far better determinant of risk than our standard refresh or review cycles
  • How these techniques can be integrated with existing systems to dramatically enhance the performance and operational efficiency of the financial crimes organization

Doug Stevenson, CAMS – Global Head of Financial Services, Ayasdi
Gurjeet Singh – CEO and Co-Founder, Ayasdi
Corey Cardine – Global Financial Crimes, Data Analytics, Crowe

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