Role Templates

Secure and customize access environments and safeguard sensitive information.

role templates


Role based access, form level access controls and promote tailored access experience.

Allocate roles to different user categories, including End Users, Analysts, Approvers, and Designers.

Use cases


An organization faces challenges and timely approvals of the service requests resulting in chaos and user dissatisfaction.


  • Identify the screens required for approvers to grant approvals. 
  • Establish the approver role and associate the needed screens through a role template. 
  • Grant user profiles access to the approver role within the profile management system.


An organization lacks an effective access control system for managing incidents. There is a need to restrict end users to their own incidents and grant analysts access to workgroup-specific records. 


  • Identity the screens, table and actions for the end users and analysts.  
  • Define the end user and analyst role template map the actions, screens, and tables to via the role template.  
  • The role template restricts the access specific to their roles. 


A multi-tenant organization wants to restrict the access to users specific to the tenants. (e.g., IT & HR Tenant) 


  • Create roles specific to the roles and responsibilities of users for each tenant.  
  • Create role templates specific to the IT and the HR Tenant.  
  • Provide access to the users for the specific role templates from user access management. 



Reduce the risk of unauthorized access by role-based access.


Manage permissions easily by simplifying access management.


Enforce compliance with access to forms and data specific to their roles.


Scale easily whether you are a small business or a large enterprise.