API Trigger

Automate tasks, actions, workflows with the help of API Trigger.

api trigger


Seamless exchange of communication across services, reduced human intervention

Easily orchestrate the initiation & execution of tasks, processes, or actions through specific API calls or requests.



Streamlines workflows and minimize manual intervention.


Improves accuracy & reliability with consistent task execution.


Enables secured communication between systems.


Seamlessly integrates with any 3rd party applications.

Use cases

sensaai for sanctions

Scenario: Disk Cleanup

A monitoring tool spots low disk space on a server, triggering an API to a service automation tool. Upon receiving the trigger, the automation tool activates a predefined workflow, utilizing a script to clear temporary files and compress old logs. After the cleanup, it conducts a disk space recheck to confirm adequate free space. If the problem persists, the tool escalates the case to the IT team for manual intervention. This proactive approach prevents server downtime, ensuring optimal system performance and reliability.

Scenario: Cloud Automation 

A cloud monitoring system uses an API trigger to scale up when web traffic increases, sending a trigger to the automation tool.  Upon surpassing a specific threshold, the monitoring system signals the Service automation tool with an API trigger. Subsequently, the automation tool smoothly provisions extra virtual machines (VMs) or containers to manage the increased load, maintaining a consistent application performance. Upon traffic normalization, a follow-up API trigger is initiated to scale down resources, optimizing operational costs.

Scenario: User Onboarding 

When a new employee is added to the HR system, it triggers the service automation tool. The service automation tool starts the onboarding process by creating an email account, registering the employee in IT systems, and providing access to needed resources and software. It also initiates requests for hardware setup and sends an email with login details and first-day instructions. This automated onboarding guarantees a seamless and efficient integration, improving the new employee’s initial experience and readiness to work. 



Get real-time visibility into the progress of tasks and processes.


Ensure consistent process execution & reduction of errors.


Ensure efficient task execution & improved productivity.


Ensure flexibility in workflow modification for business needs.