Multi-language Support

Automate tasks using scripts regardless of the platform with the help of multi-language support.

multi-language support


Platform independent, promotes flexbibility.

Empower users to craft automation solutions customized to their specific requirements, offering flexibility and freedom from the constraints of a single scripting language.



Enhance adaptability by using the most suitable script for specific tasks.


Enhance efficiency through versatile scripts for optimization.


Tailor solutions precisely to organization’s requirements.


Reach a global audience with diverse scripts for effective automation.

Use cases

Scenario: Application Deployment on AWS Cloud – Python and PowerShell

To deploy an application on AWS, a user submits a Service Request, triggering the Service Automation workflow. Using a Python SDK for AWS provisioning, the workflow integrates Python skills and remotely triggers a Jenkins job for resource provisioning with Terraform. After successful provisioning, the “ngnix” container is deployed on the EC2 instance. Following this, a PowerShell skill is activated to send user notifications, update logs, and auto-update the Service Request.

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Scenario: Google Cloud resource provisioning – Python and PowerShell

To initiate the creation of a Google Cloud Instance/VM, a Service Request is logged that kickstarts the Service Automation workflow. Leveraging the readily available Python skill library, the workflow is equipped for resource provisioning in Google Cloud. The pre-configured Python skill is seamlessly integrated into the workflow, orchestrating the provisioning & configuration of resources in the Google Cloud environment. Additionally, Python skills are employed for post-build activities, encompassing tasks such as adding disks, disk formatting, & configuring Identity and API access. Once the resources are successfully provisioned, a PowerShell skill is triggered to notify the user, update the communication log, and automatically update the details of the Service Request for a comprehensive and streamlined process. 

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Scenario: Server Build –  PowerShell, Shell skill, and Python 

A user initiates a Service Request for Server Build, triggering the service automation engine associated with the chosen catalog. Pre-configured skills libraries facilitate tasks such as VM creation, Ansible playbook execution, IP reservation, and notifications. The workflow editor involves dragging and dropping PowerShell skills for VM and local account creation. Additionally, the Shell skill is employed to activate Ansible playbooks, and the Python skill handles IP reservation and SolarWinds configuration. A PowerShell skill is further used for Windows license activation and notifications. Upon completion, details are sent back to Service Automation via API response, updating the Service Request with necessary information. 



Get real-time visibility into the progress of tasks and processes.


Ensure consistent process execution & reduction of errors.


Ensure efficient task execution & improved productivity.


Ensure flexibility in workflow modification for business needs.