Announcing the Media Copilot

Rapidly analyze content performance with generative and predictive AI tailored for the media and entertainment industry

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The next level of content monetization is here

Media Copilot transforms how you monetize content in the fragmented media ecosystem. Through a natural language chat interface integrated directly into the Revedia platform, Media Copilot rapidly responds to your content performance questions with generative and predictive AI insight.

What is Media Copilot?

Media Copilot is a natural language, chat-based module that uses generative and predictive AI to deliver content insight. With Media Copilot, businesses can optimize content licensing and distribution strategies with the speed and precision of AI-driven analytics, generative AI queries, and predictive AI forecasting.

What does Media Copilot do?

Media Copilot enables smarter, faster investment and distribution decisions across all revenue models with rapid, in-depth AI insight into multiple aspects of content monetization:

  • Performance analysis: Quickly understand how content, platforms, and distributors perform at a granular level.
  • Revenue forecasting: Predict content performance for assets, distributors, revenue models, and regions.
  • Content licensing: Identify market opportunities and optimize content pricing and distribution to drive growth.
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How does Media Copilot work?

Through a natural language, chat-based interface integrated directly into the Revedia platform, Media Copilot responds to user questions with generative and predictive AI insight, such as:

  • How is revenue trending for true crime documentaries on FAST versus AVOD?
  • Can I license the Game Show Pro series to another streaming service?
  • What would happen to revenue if I distributed Sequel: The Film in the US?

Who is Media Copilot for?

Media Copilot is designed to be accessible to business users with and without data analytics expertise. It generates insight that can be used by media and entertainment executives involved in content monetization, including:

  • Revenue, Sales, Partnerships, Distribution
  • Licensing, Acquisition, Content strategy, Programming
  • Digital strategy, OTT services, Technology/IT, Data analytics
  • Rights, Finance, Accounting, Legal

Examples of Media Copilot’s generative AI queries

Performance analysis

“Show me the revenue associated with my FAST channels this month.”

“What AVOD assets have generated the most revenue in the last year?”

“What is my fastest growing content genre in terms of monthly views?”

“Is Tiny Home Design Channel or Home Cooking Channel performing better across all platforms?”

Revenue forecasting

“What are the top projected platforms for my Hockey365 FAST channel in terms of revenue?”

“What is the total 12-mo revenue forecast for the UK and the US?”

“Which platforms will generate the most revenue for me next quarter?”

“Which services have the fastest growing audience for subtitled content?”

Content licensing

“Can I offer season 2 of Arctic Expedition on other FAST platforms under my current agreement terms?”

“In what regions am I not permitted to offer Prequel: The Film on AVOD?”

“When do each of my current platform agreements expire?”

“Which services currently have rights to Hockey365 Faceoff?”

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