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AI SaaS for the future of business

Real-time insights and recommendations, precision analysis, and optimized planning and operations, all powered by predictive and generative AI.

Integrate AML with AI-powered case management

SymphonyAI Products

Address core business challenges with vertical AI SaaS purpose-built to provide valuable insights, recommendations, and what-if analysis

Financial services

All Financial services

Reimagine financial crime prevention

Conduct more efficient investigations and expertly manage risk by uniting the power of enterprise-grade technology with trailblazing AI


Trading and investing

All Trading and investing

AI for trading and investing

Market leading analytics meets cutting-edge AI/ML to analyze financial and economic data and power complex modeling.

75 Federated AI-ready data sets


All Industrial

Industrial Redefine operations with AI-powered manufacturing

Generative and predictive AI platform and software to improve manufacturing processes, assist plant workers, optimize plant performance, and increase collaboration.


Drive profitable growth with data-driven media insights

Manage, optimize, and predict content revenue for every model with data-driven intelligence for media and entertainment.


Enterprise IT

All Enterprise IT

Transform IT and enterprise workflows with AI

An integrated IT and enterprise workflow automation platform built to enable the IT-led transformation of the enterprise.


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