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AI SaaS for the future of business

Real-time insights and recommendations, precision analysis, and optimized planning and operations, all powered by predictive and generative AI.

Integrate AML with AI-powered case management

SymphonyAI Products

Address core business challenges with vertical AI SaaS purpose-built to provide valuable insights, recommendations, and what-if analysis


Connected retail for accelerated growth

Optimize supply chain performance, drive better category and space planning decisions, and deliver a personalized customer experience with breakthrough AI SaaS.

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Financial services

Reimagine financial crime prevention

Conduct more efficient investigations and expertly manage risk by uniting the power of enterprise-grade technology with trailblazing AI

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Trading and investing

AI for trading and investing

Market leading analytics meets cutting-edge AI/ML to analyze financial and economic data and power complex modeling.

All Trading and investing
75 Federated AI-ready data sets


Industrial Redefine operations with AI-powered manufacturing

Generative and predictive AI platform and software to improve manufacturing processes, assist plant workers, optimize plant performance, and increase collaboration.

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Drive profitable growth with data-driven media insights

Manage, optimize, and predict content revenue for every model with data-driven intelligence for media and entertainment.

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Enterprise IT

Transform IT and enterprise workflows with AI

An integrated IT and enterprise workflow automation platform built to enable the IT-led transformation of the enterprise.

All Enterprise IT

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