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SymphonyAI Summit Launches Revolutionary New Apex Platform with Predictive and Generative AI that Redefines ITSM/ESM, Delivers Delightful User Experiences, and Transforms Enterprise Service Delivery

Innovative Design Studio helps IT teams nimbly navigate fast-changing complex business environments via intuitive low-code/no-code interface and seamless AI capabilities


PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 17, 2023 – SymphonyAI announced today Summit Apex, a new predictive and generative AI-based IT service management/enterprise service management (ITSM/ESM) platform to turbocharge productivity, simplify work, and create delightful experiences for end users, IT teams, and executives. The innovative new SymphonyAI Summit Apex platform delivers responsive, effective, and efficient ITSM/ESM capabilities with a lightweight architecture to roll out new services and resolve service requests up to 50% faster using generative AI.

Built to meet today’s demands on IT teams of all sizes, the sleek, new SymphonyAI Summit Apex applications can be deployed and taken live within weeks. IT teams can move quickly to deliver high-performance, cost-effective capabilities that delight users and transform team operations. The four applications include service management, asset management, service automation, and a generative AI-based digital agent for instant information and recommendations. The intuitive low-code/no-code Design Studio and workflow automation capabilities give IT teams the power to respond to users quickly and efficiently and automate workflows throughout the enterprise.

Coupled with generative AI-based copilots, the new SymphonyAI Summit Apex platform provides IT teams the tools to seamlessly deal with complex environments and heightened user demands while addressing the urgent priority to control costs. The overall result is an improved ROI on tools and technology, leapfrogs in productivity, and more satisfied employees enterprise-wide.

“We are thrilled with the introduction of the new Summit platform’s latest technological advancements and enhanced AI capabilities. Our goal is to continue enhancing the experiences of the 30,000 global employees of HARMAN and delivering greater business value by leveraging Summit in our next phase of growth,” said Thomas Blanchet, vice president, Digital Enterprise, Cloud & Cyber Security at HARMAN.

“SymphonyAI Summit combines predictive and generative AI capabilities to enhance workflows and bring multiple data sources to bear. The ability to combine any or all of the four modules it contains gives organizations increased flexibility and allows a more agile approach,” said Roy Atkinson, CEO and industry analyst at Clifton Butterfield LLC.

“Companies seeking rapid business value through digital transformation initiatives should consider investing in an IT/enterprise service management platform that harnesses the power of AI and automation,” said Nitin Kumar Singh, global head, Enterprise System Management, Cognitive Business Operations for Tata Consultancy Services. “SymphonyAI’s new Summit Apex platform revolutionizes employee and customer experiences, providing a wide array of robust features including low-code/no-code, design studio, multitenancy, digital workflow designer, form, business rule designers, and more. TCS leverages Summit’s platform to assist our customers in navigating their business growth journey effectively. We are excited to deepen our partnership with SymphonyAI.”

“SymphonyAI’s extensive track record and AI leadership are the foundation of this industry-leading generative and predictive AI platform, resulting in major improvements for IT teams rolling out new services and capabilities and seamless self-service for end users,” said Satyen Vyas, CEO of SymphonyAI Summit. “The time is right for organizations to embrace easy-to-use, intuitive, speedy, cost-effective IT and enterprise service management and workflow automation using the most current, innovative AI technology. We are thrilled to bring this powerful new Apex platform to market which, along with the impending launch of generative AI-based copilots, will dramatically transform IT with vastly improved productivity, ROI, and user satisfaction.”

The SymphonyAI Summit Apex platform includes four modules that can be used independently or together. This offers seamless interoperability for comprehensive capabilities while enabling organizations to adopt technology at their own pace according to their specific needs and priorities. The new solution delivers significant enhancements for each module:

  • Service management. With a completely new sophisticated architecture, the service management module has a lightweight footprint, enabling faster overall performance and robust fault tolerance for extremely high reliability. The Design Studio’s simple drag-and-drop controls allow instant customization and rapid rollout of new services with preconfigured workflows in an elegant no-code/low-code interface. The configurable module lets users create multiple service-level agreement (SLA) policies as needed for different departments, locations, and groups.
  • Asset management. Users can now add new assets in bulk with a simplified form, significantly speeding up new asset intake. As with the service management module, asset management is faster, easier to customize, and more reliable.
  • Service automation. The new automation scheduler enables users to automatically schedule recurring jobs for infrastructure and applications, reusing automation workflows across multiple schedules to eliminate manual tasks and free up agents to focus on more strategic priorities. New user onboarding can be triggered from third-party applications in the enterprise to initiate both IT- and non-IT-related activities, speeding up and simplifying new user onboarding experiences. Real-time execution tracking enables end-to-end progress monitoring of tickets and flows.
  • The digital agent. The agent uses sophisticated generative AI technologies to understand the intent of an incident, service request, or query. It provides real-time personalized recommendations so users can self-service quickly and easily on their device/interface of choice. End users are supported with dynamic chat, FAQs, and AI-based recommendations.

SymphonyAI Summit was named a Customer’s Choice in the 2023 Gartner® Peer Insights™ Voice of the Customer: IT Service Management Platforms.

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