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Extrafarma’s Commercial and Logistics VP credits Personalized Marketing for recent successes



Renato Stafanoni, Commercial and Logistics Director for Extrafarma, one of the largest Brazilian pharmaceutical retailers, explains the power of SymphonyAI’s Personalized Marketing solution. He dsicusses how Extrafarma can now leverage shopper insights to provide personalized shopper journeys and more proactively offer products and services.

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“Extrafarma has always been recognized for its excellence in in-store service. The strength was enhanced by the partnership with Symphony Retail because it enabled us to effectively understand individual shopper buying behaviors and the profile of each of our customers.

“This partnership was fundamental for us to evolve in the process and in the personalizing journey for our shoppers, which is to offer products and services in an increasingly proactive way. This knowledge is very valuable to us at Extrafarma.”

Renato Stefanoni, Commercial and Logistics Director, Extrafarma