Predictive AI

Built for rapid time to value

Decisions at scale

Get the information you need, when you need it to make decisions in real time.


Petabyte scale data

Easily manage large volumes of data in a lakehouse that operates at petabyte-scale in production environments.


Tuned ML algorithms

Effective and efficient, designed for specific vertical applications and workflows at scale.

Predictive AI

A fundamentally different approach to AI

Packaged AI applications from SymphonyAI drive rapid value in production environments. No building from scratch. No expensive services deployments.

Successful AI requires
Successful AI requires predictive ai Successful AI requires predictive ai
Scale, security, performance, cloud and on-prem deployment

SymphonyAI uniquely drives rapid value in production environments

A range of advanced ML algorithms at scale, with feature engineering applied to specific use cases for proven results. The Eureka ML platform uses various advanced ML algorithms at scale, with feature engineering applied to specific use cases for proven results. SymphonyAI applications use the right supervised, semi-supervised, or unsupervised machine learning tuned and optimized to address specific industry use cases.

Forecasting predictive ai

For time series and demand forecasting for industrial manufacturing and retail assortment and promotions.

Recommendation systems

For risk detection and compliance in financial services.

Recommendation systems predictive ai

For marketing and merchandizing insights and customer predictions in retail/CPG.

Clustering predictive ai
Computer vision-based predictions

For quality applications in industrial and forecasting for retail store intelligence.

The Eureka AI platform


Best-in-class AI technology

Next-gen predictive and generative Eureka AI architecture



The Eureka ML platform supports all open-source libraries, and Python SDK to help ML engineers and data scientists move fast to tune, train, and deploy ML as needed. The platform runs training and inference loads, using both CPUs and GPUs as needed.


The advanced Eureka ML platform’s purpose-built MLOps tools manage ML algorithms and models so applications are accurate and powerful as the day they went live, and learn over time.


  • Model drift management: Simple and easy to manage model drift and retraining
  • Automatic Feedback: Built in tools help tune ML models to make sure they are operating within set constraints
  • Dynamic learning: On historical data or fresh, real-time data to unearth new elements that should be incorporated

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