How AI is improving the retail customer’s experience

07.16.2021 | By Mark Speyers

AI Improving the Retail Customer’s Experience Today’s savvy customer expects a refined shopping experience – one that delivers the ultimate, personalized experience. Retail chains and brands allocate excessive amounts of their budgets on services like secret shoppers, focus groups, surveys, and more to customize CPG promotions and understand how customers think and how they want to be treated with the goal of improving the retail customer’s experience and attracting them back through the doors.

Many of the traditional services are being replaced in favor of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to make connections that were previously impossible. Understanding how AI can improve the customer’s experience through constant innovation is paramount to maintaining a competitive edge.

Personalized Marketing for CPG Promotions

The one-size-fits-all approach to CPG promotions is a thing of the past. To compete in today’s technologically advanced environment, retailers and marketers need to take a more holistic approach. Information reigns supreme, and if you don’t have it, you’ve already fallen far behind your competition.

One of the most fundamental aspect of improving the retail customer’s shopping experience is by utilizing historical data to deliver custom product recommendations unique to the individual’s tastes, preferences, and demography. The ability to define the customer’s journey in real-time takes precedence over even some of the more successful traditional approaches.

Enriching In-Store Shopping Cycles

Artificial intelligence anticipates real-time behavioral changes in consumers’ lives. By leveraging this information, retailers can heighten in-store shopping experiences to engage with customers at the perfect stages in the buying process, analyzing insights into both the micro and macro segments of the customer journey.

Traditional marketing promotions have been reactive to trends. But the predictive analytics accessible through machine learning, allow you to respond proactively, for faster and more effective adjustments that meet the customer’s needs before they have to ask for them to be met.

Building Your Own Customer Data

While most of the AI training in retail machine learning comes from external datasets, integrating the software into the internal processes of your business will give you relevant insights to your customer base, brand partnerships, and store operations. Though AI-enabled retail solutions allow you to improve the customer experience with as few as 5 customer analyses, the more data you accrue, the more intuitive your solutions become.

While personalized marketing and streamlined customer journeys are some of the most critical components of this technology, the applications range from streamlining store layout to enhancing employee efficiency.


There is no turning back from the artificial intelligence revolution for CPG retailers. However, it doesn’t matter how much information you have if you don’t understand the best ways to put the knowledge to use. In addition to providing a full suite of AI-enabled software spanning the supply chain, category planning, and revenue growth aspects of the retail cycle, SymphonyAI is also available to support your understanding of the nuances that arise every step of the way. We provide you with every tool and every resource you need to improve your retail customer’s experience, drive revenue, and boost margins in real-time.

SymphonyAI offers the most innovative and comprehensive artificial intelligence available. We understand the importance of agility in this fast-paced industry and aim to share our expertise to help your business flourish. Contact our retail consultants today to find out why for over 30 years, SymphonyAI has been a trusted market-maker.

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