3 things you can do to prepare your org for AI

03.31.2021 | By Mark Speyers

Service desk software houses tons of data about the health cycles of a company’s technology, but we often lose the ability to mine that data during the standard daily grind. Artificial intelligence (AI) implemented with service desk software can reduce some of the repetitive manual tasks that burden service desk operators and increase process efficiency by solving problems.  

AI can mean a lot of different things, depending on the context. But, in the case of the service desk, AI can analyze issues against similar problems and resolutions from the past to come up with the best response to the current situation. Those managing the AI teach the algorithm to come up with new and novel answers based on many factors stored within your data sets. 

AI and automation can have a huge impact on an organization, so what should an organization do now to get ready for AI and automation? Here are three areas you can start 

Define your business case for AI 

What is the problem you are solving? What are the benefits you hope to see with this technology? And, are there any risks or obstacles that could impact implementation or adoption of Ai in your business? It’s easy to become enamored with the visions you have for the technology, especially with all of the cool factors that come with AI. But investing in a technology without clearly defining the business case for your organization could be detrimental to its success. Don’t just limit yourself on planning for the technology, but also the people. Who will be involved in AI adoption? What departments will this affect? Who is responsible for ensuring adoption? Clearly define success criteria in terms of business outcomes and value.  

Clean up (or create) processes  

The whole point of bringing AI into your organization is to automate. And, quite simply, automation works best if there is something to automate. If processes are poorly defined – or worse, not defined – an AI and automation tool can’t help with muchExamine your existing processes and identify places where human intervention is needed. On the flip side, explore activities within the process are unnecessarily complex, unclear, or undocumented. Are you tracking and measuring these processes? What does success look like in the current structure? What will success look like once AI is implemented? Doing this work now will help your organization find success in the adoption of AI for automation.  

Make adoption of AI and automation a ‘team sport’ 

Identify and map your organizational value streams to pave the path for future adoption of AI and automation. First, bring visibility into what departments and associated systems are involved. Second, identify the flow and measurement points from customer demand to fulfilling that customer demand. Finally, map value streams to identify opportunities to introduce and drive further AI and automation adoption 

Artificial intelligence (AI) can benefit almost IT organizations across almost every industry. Not only are your agents busy at work, but the human brain is only able to collect and process a certain amount of data at a certain speed. As you prepare your organization for AI, it can provide an advantage to your teams and give you the ability to take actions based on clear, concise, and fast data collection.

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