4 ways connecting Slack to your ITSM tool is beneficial

07.21.2021 | By Mark Speyers

As Slack continues to sweep across businesses big and small, it’s become critical to find technology alignment that meets your team where they operate the most. And, when it comes to people working together, the right tools can make all the difference. This is especially true in IT service management and communicating issues and updates efficiently. Your ITSM tool can reap the benefits that your organization is already seeing in using Slack. So, here are a few reasons why adding this integration to your ITSM tool is beneficial.

24/7 Service Desk

Issues with technology don’t work a 9-5 schedule. With remote teams flourishing in 2021, it’s important to give your employees a way to reach out to support, even when support might not be working. Integrating your ITSM tool with Slack (and an AI chatbot like CINDE) gives your users a fast way to start the process of finding a resolution, whether or not it’s within official business hours.

Automated Triage

With a chatbot like SymphonyAI Summit’s CINDE, users will get high level questions that will either help them to get to a resolution or take the next step in creating an incident for a support personnel to handle… ALL FROM SLACK. By gaining more information up front through CINDE’s questions, support personnel can get to work faster once the ticket hits their queue.

Create Tickets Quickly

Maybe there isn’t a knowledge base article available to help a user resolve their issue. After a series of questions in Slack, SymphonyAI Summit’s CINDE can automatically create a ticket in the IT service management system based on the discussion that has been happening with the user.

Utilize Service Catalog Workflows

No two organizations are alike and no two IT departments use their tech stacks the exact same way. CINDE will utilize service catalog workflows to route requests that are submitted in Slack through the appropriate process on the backend in an ITSM tool, like SymphonyAI Summit. The automated multistep tasks or processes that start in the Slack and offer options to the user, then can move into the incident management queue if it can’t be resolved through CINDE interactions.

Every second counts when it comes to ensuring your employees remain as productive as possible. The SymphonyAI Summit integration for Slack utilizes CINDE chatbot and AI functionality to ensure collaboration doesn’t stop and resolutions can be found quickly.

See how Slack works with CINDE in SymphonyAI Summit.

Tim Lawes

Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting at SymphonyAI Summit

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