With SymphonyAI Summit, the Toronto – Pearson airport dramatically improves customer experience

04.24.2019 | By Mark Speyers

Many organizations are now exploring how AI could benefit their businesses. Gartner Research reports that AI adoption tripled in the last year. However, not all AI implementations or proofs-of-concept will be successful. Sometimes, the project was not well conceived, or the budget was not sufficient to see it through, or the data was not sufficient.

Sometimes, an organization needs a solution quickly, so there isn’t time to build and train an AI. This was the case with our customer, Toronto’s Pearson Airport, the largest and busiest airport in Canada.

The airport had already streamlined the passenger experience by installing ticketing kiosks so passengers could check in more quickly. But a kiosk malfunctions or runs out of paper from time to time, reducing check-in speed. Kiosks send an alert to the IT team, but it was taking an average of an hour and 12 minutes to get them back up and running.

John Thompson, the airport authority’s associate director of information services delivery, knew they had to do better. But they have learned from experience that for the airport, it’s not worth the time and effort to build their own solutions.

So, Thompson and his team chose to implement our cloud-based SymphonyAI Summit system for its internal IT support tickets. Their story is featured in an article published recently in CIO, AI technology: When to build, when to buy.

If you’d like to hear their story directly from Thompson, you can watch his customer testimonial video here:

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