Almacenes Flamingo Selects Symphony EYC ENGAGE Loyalty Campaign Management Platform

03.11.2014 | By Mark Speyers

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As of 11 January, 2018 Symphony EYC became the Customer Intelligence Division of SymphonyAI.


Symphony EYC, a global leader in delivering ROI for retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers using customer insights to drive execution, today announced that Medellin, Colombia-based Almacenes Flamingo, one of the largest retail chains in South America, has selected the Symphony GOLD ENGAGE customer analytics and loyalty management platform. Symphony EYC services partner, LineaDatascan, which specializes in mobility, POS systems and development of e-commerce platforms, will implement Symphony GOLD ENGAGE across all Almacenes Flamingo campaigns, categories and stores.

A next generation targeting analytics and loyalty campaign management platform, Symphony GOLD ENGAGE will help Almacenes Flamingo reduce campaign complexity, automate functions around campaign execution and increase the accuracy required to design and develop highly effective segmentation and targeting of its most valuable customers.

“Almacenes Flamingo selected Symphony EYC ENGAGE because of the strength of its loyalty capabilities and because of the trustworthy local support of LineaDatascan, which will help us get ENGAGE up and running quickly,” said Claudia Velasquez, Commercial Director, Almacenes Flamingo. “ENGAGE will help Almacenes Flamingo increase transaction speeds and improve customer service in the POS lane. Better customer engagement will help us increase operational profit, too.”

“With Symphony EYC ENGAGE, Almacenes Flamingo will be able to engage the right customers at home, in store, at the checkout or on the go,” said David Gentry, SVP Retail Solutions at Symphony EYC. “With purchase history, preferences and interests centralized, the platform delivers a quick, cost-effective way to improve customer retention, increase frequency of purchase and ensure a single view of the retailer for each and every customer.

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