CHU Nantes (Nantes University Hospital) optimizes its supply chain with G.O.L.D from Symphony EYC

02.27.2013 | By Mark Speyers

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As of 11 January, 2018 Symphony GOLD became the Retail Solutions Division of SymphonyAI.


CHU Nantes logo“Before implementing G.O.L.D., members of staff were required to manually check inventory levels each night,” said Blaise N’Simble. “Now, with G.O.L.D., we have permanent inventory providing accurate and real-time levels of stock for all our products.”

“As we were a “paper-based” organisation the implementation of G.O.L.D. has involved many technical but also cultural changes. This evolution has also been necessary to ensure that the pharmacies meet the required safety standards of drugs distribution and traceability,” concluded Olivier Sellal, Chief Pharmacist of the CHU’s Central Pharmacy.

About CHU Nantes

CHU Nantes has seven specialist hospital with more than 2,900 beds. To meet the daily orders placed by the 700 care-units (over 30,000 orders per year), CHU Nantes manages and receives 25 goods deliveries on a daily basis, storing and then re-shipping products of all types. Dry (food and non-food), temperature-controlled, flammable, cytotoxic, drugs, etc. A total of over 18,000 products and their movements are managed within the logistics hub of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Nantes.

How G.O.L.D. helps CHU Nantes

  • Preparation operatives are now equipped with a voice-directed PDA that tells them where products are located, helping them to locate items and fulfil orders quickly and efficiently
  • Improved inventory and distribution management
  • Paper-based systems for order picking have been replaced by automated computer generated orders
  • Manual inventory checks have been replaced by automated alerts to avoid out-of-stock situations and to advise buyers when to place orders

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