SymphonyAI’s growth 2X the rate of the competition

08.30.2018 | By Mark Speyers

As I mentioned in the initial “Who is SymphonyAI” blog last week, SymphonyAI has been a leader in providing customer-centric marketing, merchandising and supply chain solutions to the largest fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) retailers and brand manufacturers across the globe for decades. Of course, we’re proud of our heritage and SymphonyAI’s growth, but because anyone can claim to be a leader, we want to show you the proof.

Throughout our history, we’ve worked with some of the most notable and innovative global brands and retailers – including Action, Albertsons, Big C, Blokker Holding, Dollar General, Dr. Pepper Snapple, Giant Eagle, Intermarché, Nestlé Purina, Pague Menos, Pets at Home, REMA 1000, Rewe, Southeastern Grocers, Smart and Final, Spartan Nash and TopCo. Our ability to deliver retail-specific solutions for the most business-critical functions within an organization has consistently driven results that outpaced the competition, making us a valuable and unique partner for an ever-increasing number of customers.

While a strong growth trajectory has always been a part of our identity, we never let success get to our heads, and never lost sight of what made that growth possible – an incessant desire to bring unprecedented efficiency gains to our customers through innovative solutions. That’s why we have been aggressively amplifying our solution suite to introduce AI capabilities to our marketing, merchandising and supply chain offerings.

SymphonyAI’s growth

Since January of 2017, these efforts have helped us grow at a rate double that of our competition, and we have opened new offices in the UK and India to support our growth. In that time, we have expanded or renewed existing relationships with more than 100 current clients – including many long-term customers listed above and added more than 125 new customers globally.

Our solutions are now used by retailers and CPG manufacturers to:

  • Help manage an estimated nine billion SKUs across more than 250,000 stores
  • Support the dispatch of over 1 million warehouse orders each day
  • Support the creation of more than 50 million planograms every year
  • Analyze and create a deep understanding of 175 million households from $160 billion of grocery retail transactions
  • Deliver more than 275 million personalized, high-precision targeted offers every month

We are the only provider of end-to-end retail-specific technologies that meet the distinct needs of industry professionals – from personalized marketing to customer insights, merchandising and category management, supply chain, store planning, operations and more. This intense focus on one industry, at every level of the value chain, has separated us from the competition and continues to make us a leader. And as you can see, we don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

As we look ahead to the rest of the year and into 2019, we’re excited about the prospects for sustained success as we bring existing products to more customers and introduce capabilities that will create new efficiencies for retailers and CPGs alike. Next week, we’ll discuss some of the more recent technological innovations that have made this growth possible and earned us recognition from respected experts such as EnsembleIQ, who recognized us as a leader in retail technology product innovation. Stay tuned!

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