Introducing the All-New Revedia Digital Platform

10.03.2022 | Ray Gilmartin, Product Marketing Director

In recent years, the complexity of content monetization and distribution has grown exponentially. FAST, SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD number among the many new revenue models that have emerged, with an exploding ecosystem of distribution platforms catering to the needs and preferences of all types of viewers.

What hasn’t grown? The resources that media organizations have for handling the diverse data coming back from these disparate platforms. Given the extensive manual work required to reconcile data from multiple sources — distributor reports, agreements, financial reporting — it can often take days, even weeks, to verify data before analysis can begin and insights can be drawn.

SymphonyAI Media has been processing revenue data for virtually every global media organization for over 35 years. Throughout our decades in this space, we have yet to discover a company that can afford to spend valuable resources on the extensive manual processes involved in normalizing and analyzing data. It’s causing costly delays to critical decisions around revenue management, content investment, and distribution strategy.

From our front-row seat to the back-office struggles associated with the streaming content explosion, we’ve also seen what works best for media organizations. There’s a universal success driver for companies of every size, from established TV networks launching new FAST offerings to high-growth OTT platforms: the availability of strategic insight.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce a major upgrade to the Revedia platform. Revedia Digital now provides a single source of truth for content and distributor performance data for media organizations to manage, optimize, and predict revenue across all distribution models including FAST, SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD.

Revedia Digital is ready to answer the toughest questions companies face today — faster and more efficiently than ever.


Content Licensing and Acquisition

Download the Revedia Digital Solution Guide

One in three media organizations have no idea of the profitability of the content in which they’ve invested, according to our worldwide survey of media executives. Revedia Digital transforms content licensing and acquisition from guesswork into a data-driven science.

  • What is this title, series, or genre worth?
  • What’s the ROI of my FAST, SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD investments?
  • What content and which distributors are performing and underperforming?

Revedia Digital enables you to track, analyze, and forecast revenue associated with every distributor and asset with standard and customizable reports and dynamic visualizations. This provides key stakeholders with actionable intelligence to ensure targets are achieved, content and distribution performance is optimized, and revenue and engagement are maximized.


Data Management

Many organizations continue to rely on manual processes, legacy solutions, and disjointed third-party tools to ingest, normalize, and analyze content and distributor performance data. Revedia Digital helps eliminate the resulting errors, high maintenance costs, and wasted time and resources of this antiquated approach.

  • the datasheetHow can I more efficiently ingest, normalize, and aggregate disparate data sources?
  • Is my current approach to managing, tracking, and analyzing data scalable?
  • How can I streamline data management to enable smarter, faster strategy decisions?

Revedia Digital provides you with automated data ingest, normalization, aggregation, and real-time analysis.

This automates error-prone manual tasks, streamlines data management, reduces overhead, eliminates the need to maintain antiquated solutions, and helps organizations make smarter, faster strategic decisions.


Revenue Operations

Miscalculations can result in revenue recognition errors ranging from a few percentage points to a few million dollars or more. Given the astronomical rise in content spend — 25% in the last two years on average for the five largest companies — and the need to generate profits, revenue leakage is a major issue that Revedia Digital helps tackle.

  • Am I charging, or paying, the right price for my content?
  • Am I collecting what I should based on agreements?
  • Do royalties and payments align with deal terms?

Revedia Digital centralizes your content performance data, distributor reports, agreements, and financial reporting into a single source of truth, providing easy access from any connected location. This helps expedite compliance validation, royalty calculations, revenue accruals, payment processing, and other A/R functions.

When you’re ready to take a close look at Revedia Digital’s full capabilities, check out our solution guide and watch the on-demand demo with Q&A.

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