Reopening workplaces amid COVID-19 – SHRM MENA SymphonyAI Summit


As employees prepare to get back to work, workplaces are bound to face multiple challenges across a variety of aspects ‒ precautionary measures, productivity, performance, HR policies, employee morale, expectation management, etc.

Now, how do we overcome this situation? Do we continue to wait and hope normalcy would return sooner than later, or do we adapt and find newer ways to resume our work in a safe yet dynamic manner?

Read on to find how ‘SymphonyAI Summit Safe Workplace Enabler’ is helping organizations around the world work in an environment of safety, confidence, and dynamism.

Listen to the webinar to know:

  • Major challenges in re-opening a workplace
  • Role of HR professionals in reviving workplaces
  • Role of technology in increasing productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Popular IT tools to help the workforce in returning to the office
  • Preparation to fight another disruption
  • Role of technology in employee collaboration and bonding

Panelists include:

  • Satyen Vyas, CEO, SymphonyAI Summit
  • Fara Siddiqi, Group Chief HR Officer, Aster DM Healthcare
  • Dominic Keogh Peters, Group HR Director, Axiom Telecom
  • Said AI Rashid, Head HR & Admin, Salam AIR


  • Vivek Arora, Executive Director, SHRM MENA
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