Retail Innovation Day

There are several ways to stay ahead in the digital world. How to stay ahead in an ever-changing world and stay relevant for your customers and how to accelerate the pace of change in Retail? Retail Innovation Day in Amsterdam promises to be an afternoon full of inspiration and knowledge sharing with retailers and experts from the Retail industry. During this one-day event, speakers will discuss the future of retail and will share some useful tips to stay ahead in Retail.

SymphonyAI is delighted to be invited to speak at this Partner event. Join our team who will introduce you to CINDE, A first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence-enabled digital assistant for grocery and hard goods retail that is transforming the way retailers work. CINDE, (Conversational INsights and Decision Engine), receives natural language input from users and provides conversational, insight-rich answers in response. CINDE uses #AI and does what is humanly impossible at speed and scale to understand cause and recommend next best actions to drive sales, profit, and customer loyalty.

Session details

Title: Say Hello to CINDE, your shortcut to Xcelerate your change in Retail
Date: 9-May-2019
Location: Break-out session room