The Name Says It All:  2024 Microsoft Business Transformation: AI Innovation Partner of the Year

06.26.2024 | By SymphonyAI team

In a market where vendors routinely make exaggerated claims about their AI-based products, the SymphonyAI team has kept relentless focus on what really matters: delivering AI-based products that accelerate customers’ revenue growth and mission-critical business productivity in key vertical markets. 

The rapidly growing SymphonyAI product portfolio does two things that are unique: each product integrates predictive and generative AI together to bring new functionality to workers, and each product team combines that advanced AI with deep, domain-specific workflows and knowledge fabrics. Together these two strategies revolutionize how enterprises tackle some of the toughest business challenges today. This is the unique position that SymphonyAI occupies in the AI market today—high value vertical AI SaaS.   

We are honored that Microsoft has singled out SymphonyAI in recognition of the success and power of our strategy by selecting SymphonyAI as the 2024 Microsoft Business Transformation: AI Innovation Partner of the Year.  

SymphonyAI’s connected retail products transform store and space, merchandising, and the supply chain so retailers and CPG companies can uncover previously hidden insights, gain a holistic view of the retail landscape, stay well-stocked, predict trends, and tailor shopping experiences. In more than 125,000 stores globally, retailers report up to 20% increase in shopper loyalty and 10% increase in on-shelf availability.   

In financial services, financial crime prevention and detection are turbocharged with trailblazing AI to make investigations up to 70% more efficient and expertly manage risk at enterprise scale. On the trading and investing front, SymphonyAI  combines advanced AI with end-to-end insights and extensive datasets, seamlessly connecting them to proprietary data science tools to provide turnkey solutions for housing, finance, consumer credit, and macroeconomic modeling workflows.  

AI-powered smart manufacturing combines predictive and generative AI software to improve manufacturing processes, assist plant workers, and optimize plant performance, and increase collaboration. With SymphonyAI products, customers have reduced quality inspection time by 70% and enabled shop floor operators to decrease process times by 25-35% - staggering productivity increases driven by  giving users access to all the data they need, instantly and in context.  

Media customers experience the elimination of human error with automated systems that cut subscriber import process times by 90%, while seamless upgrade processes eliminate weeks of manual testing every year. In enterprise IT, SymphonyAI users resolve issues faster, deliver superior experience, and improve performance using the SymphonyAI Apex Enterprise IT Copilot in concert with the SymphonyAI portfolio of Apex systems management and asset management products. 

The SymphonyAI strategy is continued aggressive investment in compelling vertical AI-based products that take full advantage of the scalability, security, and robustness of Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft capabilities and tools, and we look forward to further advancing our longstanding partnership to benefit innovative enterprises worldwide.  I invite you to follow SymphonyAI to see how we transform business through AI innovation – today and in the future. 

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