Automated Notifications

Streamline communication with Automated Notifications.

Automated Notifications


Create multiple notifications, preview them across devices, and optimize workflows to ensure stakeholders receive timely updates.

Automate and craft notifications across various mediums, including email, SMS, and Teams. Manage notification contents in multiple languages from a single interface.

Use cases


SLA breach results in escalations and penalties for a department in an organization. They plan to mitigate this by sending notifications at various stages of SLA.


  • Set up automated notifications for analysts & workgroup owners based on SLA percentage lapsed.
  • Develop multi-language notification templates for global support teams.
  • Easily include essential incident details in notifications through drag-and-drop.
NetReveal Transaction Screening


Executives in an organization face challenge in approving major requests real-time due to lack of approval notifications.


  • Configure automated notifications for the executives.
  • Design notification templates containing request category, request details, and requester information.
  • Enable executives to approve requests directly from email notifications without portal login.
NetReveal Transaction Monitoring


Complex changes in an organization lead to miscommunication and delays due to manual notifications. There is a need to automate notifications for CAB and Change Managers.


  • Design notification templates for various change types and stages.
  • Set up condition-based notifications for CAB and Change Manager’s form change workflow.
  • Implement multi-stage approval workflows with automated notifications at each stage.



Notify recipients via their preferred medium and language.


Get timely insights on records, leading to better decision-making.


Standardize notification templates to ensure consistent messaging.


Foster compliance by documenting critical events and actions.