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Symphony AyasdiAI Becomes SymphonyAI Sensa


New name Highlights Growth Phase and Underscores SymphonyAI’s Role as AI Powerhouse

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Aug. 18, 2022 — Financial crime detection innovator Symphony AyasdiAI announced today that it has changed its name to SymphonyAI Sensa. This move reflects the progress and success of the innovations the business has developed and brought to market over the last 18 months and positions the team for its next growth phase. The new name builds upon the product innovation and brand reputation established by Sensa since its 2021 launch.

The Sensa name and product reflect the business’ role as a true disruptor and innovator in the financial crime detection market, bringing significant improvements in new crime discovery and operational benefits to risk departments. In addition to providing high value to financial customers through AI innovation and an intuitive interface that seamlessly blends into a risk team’s workflow, the Sensa team provides technology innovation and AI capabilities back to SymphonyAI ‘s Eureka AI platform for multiple industries.

SymphonyAI announced the acquisition of NetReveal from BAE Systems (LSE: BA.L) on July 12. Following the acquisition, SymphonyAI’s financial vertical will consist of Sensa and NetReveal. The two product groups will accelerate innovation across both portfolios to deliver transformative, next-generation AI-based capabilities for financial crime detection.

Simon Moss, CEO, SymphonyAI Sensa, said: “With the SymphonyAI Sensa name, we’re giving full recognition to the progress we’ve made with our innovative financial crime detection platform. This renaming comes as SymphonyAI has acquired NetReveal, creating an unprecedented opportunity to improve risk posture at the world’s leading financial institutions. This is an exciting moment for us, with the potential to deliver a huge change in our collective ability to detect and combat financial crime. We are doubling down on our commitment to solving the financial crime detection problem and creating material improvement in discovering these criminals – finding that needle in the stack of needles.

About SymphonyAI Sensa

SymphonyAI Sensa, a SymphonyAI business, empowers financial institutions to uncover criminal activity routinely ignored by traditional detection systems. Powered by a proprietary combination of highly advanced AI and machine learning, Sensa builds a complete map of customer, third-party, and user behavior to generate crime and risk alerts through unparalleled, predictive insight. By greatly reducing the false positive symptom, Sensa dramatically cuts investigatory time, thereby reducing an organization’s operational costs. Sensa can be deployed alone or in combination with an institution’s current system. Genuine transparency and full explainability help maintain regulatory compliance. Learn more at www.symphonysensa.comLinkedIn or Twitter.

About SymphonyAI
SymphonyAI is building the leading enterprise AI company for digital transformation across the most important and resilient growth verticals, including life sciences, healthcare, retail, consumer packaged goods, financial services, manufacturing, and media. In each of these verticals, SAI businesses have many of the leading enterprises as clients. SAI is backed by a $1 billion commitment from Dr. Romesh Wadhwani, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. Since its founding in 2017, SymphonyAI has grown rapidly to a combined revenue run rate of more than $300 million and over 2,200 talented leaders, data scientists, and other professionals.

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