Dynamic tolerances, making life easier in preventative maintenance and process control

06.17.2019 | By Mark Speyers

Our latest release contains one of the most requested features: dynamic tolerances. In this feature update we explain how it will greatly benefit process control and preventative maintenance.

Many process environments are highly automated. Different products roll off the line every day. It makes day to day process and quality control challenging for operators. They walk around with binders trying to retrieve the tolerance values for a specific variant. It’s a mistake-prone situation which largely depends on the alertness of the operator. Up to this point, if you wanted to display different tolerances, you had to create a different procedure for every variant of a product (a lot of work) or one of your back-end systems needed to integrate with Proceedix (a lot of IT work). Unsurprisingly, many customers wanted us to deal effectively with this issue.

As customer satisfaction is high on our agenda, we developed this new feature. Proceedix now has the capabilities to dynamically alter your tolerances based on a code scanned at the beginning of the procedure. This way, you can easily manage complex checklists without having to integrate with backend systems. We made it even better. As of now, our conditional engine also handles this dynamic data. Based on the work order number and entered data, operators can perform different tasks in exceptional situations or even be forced to abort the procedure altogether.

These improvements would also benefit customers and prospects in preventative maintenance: we often see that the hour or shift determine the checks that need to be performed. We’ll illustrate this with the following example: the temperature of a condenser needs to be recorded every 8 hours together with a bunch of other checks that need to be performed every 4 hours. It would be very troublesome to have to create 2 different checklists for essentially the same inspection and you might even have to manage more than 2 inspections. Now you can simply create one master checklist containing all tasks, required inputs and checks. Based on what time it is, Proceedix will show the tasks that need to be performed.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the upcoming months!

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