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IRIS Workspace is an interactive, collaboration environment for industrial teams to perform real-time analysis. Unify times series, KPIs, P&IDs, documents, drawings, images, and 3D into a single environment. Collaborate within or across teams and incorporate tribal knowledge from subject matter experts by adding annotations and comments, tagging users, or creating notifications. Use predictive and generative AI to further enhance your analysis.

Learn more: https://www.symphonyai.com/industrial/iris-workspace/

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07.10.2024 Webinar

Unlocking Proactive Maintenance with Predictive AI Solutions

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07.02.2024 Webinar

Nippon Gases prevents unplanned downtime and extends its APM strategy with SymphonyAI’s Predictive Asset Intelligence

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IRIS Workspace - Unlock Operational Efficiency and Collaboration
06.28.2024 Webinar

IRIS Workspace – Unlock Operational Efficiency and Collaboration

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