Predictive Maintenance - Maintenance Program Goals

04.05.2021 | By Mark Speyers

The most important goal of any maintenance program is the elimination of machine breakdowns. Very often a catastrophic breakdown will cause significant peripheral damage to the machine, greatly increasing the cost of the repair. Complete elimination of breakdowns is not at present possible in practice, but it can be approached by a systematic approach to maintenance.

The second goal of maintenance is to be able to anticipate and accurately plan for maintenance needs. This means spare parts inventories can be minimized and overtime work largely eliminated. Repairs of mechanical systems are ideally planned for scheduled plant down times.

Goal number three is to increase plant production readiness by significantly reducing the chance of a breakdown during operations, and to maintain system operational capacity through reduced down time of critical machines. Ideally, the operating condition of all the machines would be known and documented.

The last goal of maintenance is to provide predictable and reasonable work hours for maintenance personnel.

SymphonyAI Industrial provides products, software & services for Predictive Maintenance including vibration analysis instruments, wireless vibration monitoring, asset performance management and process health and optimization.

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