SymphonyAI Industrial and Seagate—pushing the frontiers of manufacturing with artificial intelligence

01.27.2021 | By Mark Speyers

For years, Seagate has partnered with SymphonyAI Industrial to help orchestrate the manufacturing operations of the $10 Billion data storage and management solutions manufacturer. The partnership was recently recognized by Forbes magazine for the innovative machine vision inspection integration of wafer factories at Seagate pioneered by Sthitie Bom, Senior Director of Global Wafer Systems. The SymphonyAI Industrial Platform increased operational accuracy for Seagate’s wafer production by 40%, reduced scrap, and freed up inspection labor.

“Seagate is on the leading edge of technology and process design, and it is an incredible honor to partner with such an innovative organization. Congratulations to Sthitie Bom and team; Her team’s work with AI to model more explainability is truly groundbreaking for Seagate and will also be a game-changer for the entire industry and beyond.”

– Steve Barnett, Founder and VP of Customer Success

The SymphonyAI Industrial Platform empowers Seagate’s manufacturing operations to connect the disparate parts of their process (machinery, large numbers of sensors, and metrology tools). Through this connection, data is realized and processed through the SymphonyAI Industrial Platform’s Historian capabilities giving engineers the ability to contextualize raw data to create complex models. The platform enables data stream processing in real-time and preserves the digital thread to create extraordinary automated decision making on Seagate’s manufacturing floor.

“We are so fortunate to have Seagate as a trusted partner. It’s a fantastic start to the new year to be recognized for creating value with our long-time client in Forbes. What’s more, working with an organization that values data and deep learning is the epitome of innovation. A huge thanks to the leaders of Seagate for entrusting SymphonyAI Industrial with this important work.”

– Dean Truitt, President and Chief Executive Officer

At SymphonyAI Industrial , we work with our customers to increase the effectiveness of manufacturing operations ecosystems and the speed of decision making to create clear and accessible paths towards innovation. Find out more about how we remaster manufacturing here.

Read the Forbes article to learn more.

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