SymphonyAI Industrial’s Forecast 360™ – HP Award Winner

10.26.2022 | By Mark Speyers

SymphonyAI Industrial’s Forecast 360™ – HP Award Winner
Forecast 360™ named best AR/VR/AI technology by Hydrocarbon Processing

Woburn, MA – October 26, 2022 – SymphonyAI Industrial announced today that Forecast
360, its AI-based application for forecasting well production, has been named Best AR/VR/AI
Technology by Hydrocarbon Processing magazine. The HP Awards program honors the
downstream energy segment’s leading innovations, covering 16 critical categories in the
hydrocarbon processing industry. The awards are voted on by the esteemed and independent
HP Awards advisory board.

Forecast 360, a solution for well-life production forecasting, is critical for operators to optimize
production planning and maximize production throughput. It combines time-series,
operational and categorical data from wells to forecast oil, gas, and water production to give
operators a comprehensive view of well production. Operators can effectively plan realistic
production schedules based on well conditions, including operating, supply, and maintenance
crew provisioning.

“This award is a testimony to the power and flexibility of our Eureka AI platform,” said
Dominic Gallello, CEO of SymphonyAI Industrial. “Our ability to rapidly develop industrial
applications that provide significant value to our users is very gratifying.”
SymphonyAI Industrial has won multiple awards in 2022, including product awards for
Watchman Air™ and Performance 360™, and employee awards such as being named the
Achievement in Management Gold Winner for Advancing Industry 4.0 Realization.

SymphonyAI Industrial
SymphonyAI Industrial, a SymphonyAI vertical, is an innovator in industrial insight,
accelerating autonomous plant operations. The industry-leading EurekaAI/IoT platform and
industrial optimization solutions connect tens of thousands of assets and workflows in
manufacturing plants globally and process billions of data points daily, pushing new plateaus
in operational intelligence.
• Digital manufacturing composable enterprise MOM/MES solutions can be
operational in 90 days to connect devices, processes, people, and systems with
harmonizing plant automation and control.
• Plant performance applications span asset predictive maintenance and process
health and optimization, maintaining high equipment availability, extending the life
of capital assets, and reducing process variability.
• Connected frontline worker solutions mobilize people to handle complex processes
with human-driven procedure and instruction support, using a combination of
glasses, smartphones, tablets, and PCs.
SymphonyAI Industrial solutions provide high value to users by driving variability out of
processes and optimizing operations for throughput, yield, energy efficiency, and

About SymphonyAI
SymphonyAI is building the leading enterprise AI company for digital transformation across
the most important and resilient growth industries, including retail, consumer packaged
goods, financial services, manufacturing, media, and IT service management. SymphonyAI
businesses have many leading enterprises as clients in each of these industries. Since its
founding in 2017, SymphonyAI has grown rapidly, approaching 2,000 talented leaders, data
scientists, and other professionals. SymphonyAI is an SAIGroup company, backed by a $1
billion commitment from successful entrepreneur and philanthropist Dr. Romesh Wadhwani.
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