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Correspondent Banking AML & Fraud Discovery

By SymphonyAI team


  • 120% increase in L3 discovery
  • Discovered new, hidden risks missed by current TMS
  • Revitalized unit business, remained open with strong regulatory approval
  • Low false positive & false negative L3 ratio and 5:1 – market norm is 35:1
  • 500% increase in operational productivity
  • 6-month SLA based deployment
  • No differences in data from existing TMS
  • Discovered revolutionary data features through new, hidden connections.


Threat actors in the financial crime world pose an existential risk to once profitable businesses. They’re leaning hard into Correspondent Banks, smelling blood in the water thanks to skyrocketing rates of fraud, and that is leading to increased incidences of money laundering and terrorist financing.


SymphonyAI Sensa uncovers 120% of what was previously discovered, with a drastic reduction in false positives. Our deep intelligence system discovers true malignancies lurking on networks and exposing risks which can undermine confidence in the CB business.


We combine our powerful data feature creation and deep market knowledge with current behavioral detection approaches. This maximizes our ability to derive useful analyses from poor or limited correspondent payment data.

SymphonyAI Sensa’s set-it-and-forget-it feature engine finds thousands of unique, hidden, and weak data relationships that increase transparency within otherwise sparse data. We can do this because we’ve custom-built behavioral algorithms that combine breakthroughs in Topological Data Analysis (TDA), Graph Machine Learning (GML), temporal analysis, behavioral network analysis, anomaly detection, and auto-optimized rules.

Fully portable, SymphonyAI Sensa seamlessly integrates with your current workflow, data and processes including the dynamic routing of alerts to current TMS, AML, KYC, and audit processes and applications. Our technology works as a rapidly deployed, powerful enterprise class solution that maximizes transparency, ensuring the discovery of complex and hidden attacks, and with market leading operational efficiency.

SymphonyAI Sensa is available on-prem or on any cloud installation and meets compliance and model risk requirements to enable business cases with an ROI of only a few months.

  • Use the data you already have

  • Deploy any way you like

  • Set your SLA and test us out


SymphonyAI Sensa – DARPA funded and a leader in fighting financial and cyber-crime. Our breakthroughs in detecting money laundering and fraud have attracted some of the largest financial companies in the world. SymphonyAI Sensa’s innovations lead the way in pioneering discovery through AI.

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