Case study

Robot configuration for new products: Metafor improves operations with SymphonyAI digital workflows

By SymphonyAI team

“We now create our work instructions twice as fast”


Metafor produces a wide range of metal products. Every new product requires a specific configuration for the robots deployed on the factory floor. Prior to the introduction of Proceedix, the configuration required time-consuming coordination between the operators and the welding manager, as work instructions on paper were often ignored or misunderstood.


After a half-day of training, the people at Metafor created and deployed their first digital work instructions. Compared to the paper versions, the work instructions now contain images, which adds greatly to overall clarity. Metafor opted to work with 7-inch tablets, since operators didn’t need to have both hands free while implementing the work instructions.


Metafor has been using Proceedix from SymphonyAI for 9 months now. In addition to greater clarity, they’ve experienced an improvement in safety and quality, reduced time for the creation of work instructions, and enhanced interaction between operators and their supervisors. Supervisors are now able to follow daily operations remotely and only have to intervene on the factory floor when necessary.

About Metafor

With almost half a century of experience as a metalworking subcontractor, the people at Metafor know that every product they make becomes a unique yet integral part of our customer’s end-product. Their extensive engineering expertise and product knowledge make them the ideal brainstorming partner for customers seeking that all-important missing link for their product.

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