Key drivers of digitization of the workforce in manufacturing.

ARC Executive Interview with Dominic Gallello, CEO of SymphonyAI Industrial

03.08.2023 | By Mark Speyers

One of the main challenges end users share with us is workforce issues. Connected worker solutions like Proceedix aim at digitizing the workforce. Everyone is always talking about digitizing the work cell and the machine, but what about the digitalization of the people? It’s all about delivering bite-size work instructions to all kind of devices like phones, tablets or smart glasses. Having tech solutions to hire Gen-Z employees, who literally grew up with these devices, is absolutely critical in hiring good people in manufacturing.

Another major issue in manufacturing is analytics. Every middle manager in manufacturing is under enormous pressure to create relevant KPI dashboards. But until now, KPI’s always look in the rear mirror, giving you information about the past. With our critical alert and AI technology, deep learning and forecasting techniques, we offer predictive analytics. Letting people know what is going to happen in the future with a machine or an asset, so they can anticipate their decisions on it.

A lot of attention goes to extending reality, with buzz words like virtual reality, assisted reality and augmented reality. But what is the real value for manufacturing? Virtual reality (whit the users’ eyes completely covered with smart eyewear) is good as a training tool. Assisted reality, especially with smart glasses, is more appropriate in manufacturing where your eyes must focus on the job and your hands must be free to do the job. You can work in the process and get relevant information when needed. You can also branch actions and work instructions easily to another more qualified colleague. So the biggest opportunities are definitely in the assisted reality applications, especially with remote work instructions. This type of remote collaboration is moving toward Teams and Microsoft type of technology, making the adoption for the end user easier.

Source : ARC Advisory Group

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