Lunch and Learn on Stimulus Fraud

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Global action on Coronavirus stimulus packages will inject up to $6 trillion into the world’s economy. In the US alone, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act is set to pay our 27% of annual GDP – in only 3 months!

Existentially important for many, but the haste, disorganization, and confusion in execution offers a huge, unprecedented opportunity for massive financial crime – from the opportunistic to organized and complex – targeting unprepared people, companies, financial institutions, and the financial system as a whole.

Join Simon Moss, CEO, and Richard Stocks, CPO of Financials Services as they take you through the Act, the vulnerabilities that the Act is exposed to and provides some examples of fraud and criminal attacks that we should expect, look out and manage for as trillions of new dollars flood into our economies.

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